Daily prompts

Desert: A story story about a trip through the desert and the worst pain of all.

Cowardice: A short story about who is the real coward.

Guest: The unwanted guest in my head.

Journey: The Journey that should not have needed to be taken.

Storm: It was jsut a little storm in a teacup.

Nightmare: An exert from a currently unnamed novella hiding under the guise of a daily prompt.

Nightmare: What was your childhood nightmare?

Unpredictable:There is something more unpredictable than the title here.

Drive: A Lesson in patience.

Frail: A Musical Interlude.

Feast: Eyeball Gore anyone?

Depth: A story of emotional depth and discovery.

Depth: Depth and Beauty.

Depth: The Varying Depth.

Carefree: Carefree Monday.

Carefree: Big Bear the Carefree serial fiction episode 1.

Slowly: A slow story.

Slowly: A slow story with a twist.

Slowly: Slowly We Rot anotehr musical interlude.

Slowly: Another Big Bear story, serial fiction episode 2.

Punishment: Punishment comes in several forms

Punishment: Punishment with a twist.

Punishment: Punishment for Big Bear? serial fiction episode 3

Clock: A boring history lesson.

Clock: A twisted history lesson.

Sanctuary: Searching For Sanctuary

Sanctuary: Searching for Sanctuary with a twist?

Sanctuary: Another Musical Interlude.


Elusive: with a twist

Elusive: Snowflake episode 3


Crisis: Snowflake Episode 4

Crisis: Big Bear episode 4

Unstoppable: Snowflake Episode 5


Wind: Big Bear Episode 5


Admire Snowflake episode 6

A dramatic move

Dramati Big Bear episode 6


Apology Big Bear episode 7


Apology A musical Interlude


Muse: Snowflake episode 8

Craving A Musical Interlude


Craving Snowflake episode 9

Daily Prompt: Craving

Blood Craving

Praise Big Bear episode 9

Praise part 2 Big Bear episode 10

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