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What I Gave Up

Hubby was talking to Miss Eight
In the lounge and feeling great
Mother was listening from the kitchen
Ready if needed to start bitchin’
Because Miss Eight had asked a question
And Mum knew Dad had no discretion

“What did you sacrifice when you got married?”
Miss Eight asked and her voice carried
Into the kitchen where Mum’s ear did tweak
And she knew she had to hear Dad speak
For he’d no doubt tell her way too much
Or Miss Eight would think he was talking in Dutch

“Being married to your Mum is a wonderful thing”
Such dulcet tones, sounded like Dad wanted to sing.
“But marriage vows robbed me of something important
And it’s something that just can’t lay dormant
It exists in bed at night and I just can’t thank it
Because I was robbed of my right to my fair share of blanket

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