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The Good Captain: The Privateer

It had been a while since the Good Captain had himself a chance to sit down and read his father’s words. It had been just as long since he’d given any thought to his own words, the words that he’d begun to pen for his own son that he knew he’d one day have.

Looking at the ledger and thinking about the words he’d already read, which had come from his own father’s mind, he thought about what it would be like to tell his own off spring the story of his life. After a few minutes of deep contemplation he decided on the first story he wanted to tell. A few moments more and he’d decided on some of his content, and after a few minutes more he started writing.

The Privateer

She is always watching the seven seas.
She is always laying in wait.
Feared by those who crossed her path.
Revered by those who sailed upon her
She has served me well
She is the Privateer.

Many have said the knew the Privateer was watching before they saw her with their own eyes. She would sail silently with the moon providing the only light, or she would sail through the day over the roughest of waves or the smoothest of seas only revealing herself when the time was right.

Roaring winds could be blowing across her bow rails, the waves could be slamming into her hull, or the ocean could be as flat as the pancakes cooked in the galley, but the Privateer sailed on. Even through the thickest, darkest, loudest and wildest of thunderstorms she sailed on riding the waves with a confidence shown by few others. Even around the waters Cape Horn with her treacherous winds, huge waves and the constant threat of icebergs from the south there was no match for the Privateer, she sailed them with ease.

We sailed in peace mostly, good pirates, doing good, stealing our wealth from those who had done wrong. The wealth was shared between everyone who sailed upon her and everyone who fought under her sails. For many the sight of the ensign flying proudly on her stern was enough for them to turn and retreat. But for those who chose to stand their ground in battle they lived to regret it or died before they got the chance.

Cannons, more than a hundred of them on each side of the ship, spat fire at a tremendous rate not before seen. The barrels were strengthened beyond what any gunsmith on any of the four continents knew possible. The cannonballs were larger, harder and made from a compound only our men knew and they would tear through an enemy ship at three hundred yards more accurately than any ball fired from the other ships who came up against her. When a furious fight was raging the cannons would get red hot, but they would not fail and so evenly matched on her keel was the Privateer she barely rocked with the firing of each cannon.

She was feared and feared for a reason.

From her crows nest an all seeing eye was cast across the sea while she sailed. Other mariners wishing only to do harm against all they crossed could be seen turning tail and heading out of quiet coves and bays to risk the rough storms of the sea so as not to cross her path. On a flat sea the same evil mariners could be seen changing course and steering away from her direction almost as if their captains had the aid of some crystal ball to warn them of their doomed future.

She was revered and revered for a reason.

She took on man and beast and never once failed. Even when it was asked of her to take us to the mighty beast Leviathan she did not faulter. Retreat may have been our only option on the first encounter, but it was that retreat that allowed us to prepare for the second and final attack. She may have been bruised, she may have been injured but the mighty Privateer took us back and with the aid of the Revenge we became the only pirate crew in history to not just survive crossing paths with the mighty beast Leviathan, but annihilator her and leave her little more than a mess of burnt and crispy calamari sunk to the ocean floor.

Whether the old girl is sunk to the depths of Davy Jones Locker like her crew once will be or whether she remains moored below the Castle In The Air, the legend will sail the seven seas for eternity and it only fair that you know her story. It is also fair that you know the story from the only person qualified to tell it. I was her captain, they were my crew but we were mere pirates without her. Had it not been for the mighty Privateer we would not have been the pirates we were. She will have her place in history. She will forever be the legend she deserves to be.

The Good Captain put down his pen, it would still be a century at least before such an item with its own inkwell would become widely used by all, but such thoughts were not in his mind. His mind was filled with thoughts about what he’d penned. It had taken him longer than he’d thought, the words seemed to want to flow, but those first words did not always appear to be the right words and extended thought was required to ensure what was on the page was exactly as it needed to be. It was tiring work but work he knew one day would be greatly appreciated by his son who would not only take over the empire he’d built but one day would sail, maybe even captain, the mighty old girl known to all as the Privateer.

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