“When is it likely I can get out of this place Doctor?” Sig asked.

It was four days since he’d woken, three days since he’d gotten to speak to Vi alone and only a day since his last visit with the Inspectors, but he wasn’t counting. He was however taking note of the things that were happening around him. His observations were all good, both the nurses who took them and the doctors who read what was written in his file had agreed on numerous occasions of that fact. His body had all but repaired the damage he’d suffered as a result of the fall while he was in a coma and he’d been tending to his own needs of toilets and showers since the second day not long after Vi left and just before his mother arrived.

He thought because of all that good information asking when he might be released from his unlocked prison cell, or hospital ward as the nurses preferred to call it, was a reasonable question. But apparently not everyone present thought so.

“Don’t be silly Sig. You are not ready to be released from here!” Penelope replied to Sig before the doctor had a chance to.

Given that his mother’s main goal was to have him back home to brainwash him into being the slave she expected into her later years Sig wasn’t sure why she had such a reluctance to have him home. But thankfully the choice would not be hers.

“Mr. Destrayer.” the Doctor, whose name escaped Sig at that moment, started without actually looking up from the chart in his hand, or acknowledging Penelope. “Your body has been through quite a bit and while it is true that you have done a lot of recovery while in your coma it was still a major coma. There may appear to be no physical reason for you to be in hospital but we do want to make sure there is no unforeseen issues that could see you taking a turn for the worst outside of hospital.”

“I can understand that Doctor, but are you not even willing to give me an estimate? A guess? Anything?” Sig asked but again his mother was quicker with a response than the doctor was.

“Sigurd, the doctor gave you his answer, you should respect that!”

“I do respect that Mum,” Sig protested, but not very strongly. “I just hoped I could get out of here soon.”

“You’ll get out of here when the doctor said you are ready.” Penelope was speaking like she’d won some sort of competition.

The doctor looked up from the charts, directly at Penelope, whether her smile influenced what he said next or not Sig would never know but he’d like to think it did.

“I tell you what Mr. Destrayer. From what these charts tell me it is difficult to justify you taking up a bed in such a busy hospital, especially when there is other patients that could utilise it. I can’t let you go immediately, after all you have been in a coma for,” the doctor looked down at the dates on the charts but gave up working it out exactly and continued his speech, “several months. For that reason I am going to book you in for an MRI first thing tomorrow. When I get the results of those tests I’ll come in and discuss them with you.”

Sig figured it wasn’t the worst answer he could have received, but it was about the best he could hope for since the doctor was not going to release him immediately. He’d known that the last MRI, two days prior, had shown nothing, and he was fairly sure another one wasn’t going to show anything else because he felt good, but if that was the only answer he was afforded it was definitely better than it could have been.

“You’ll have to make sure it’s after lunch doctor.” Penelope said.

“Excuse me?” The doctor said to Penelope.

“I have to work until noon.” The doctor was unresponsive so Penelope tried again. “I wont be here until at least one.” The doctor still had no response. “You need to hold you visit off until I get here.”

“Miss,” the doctor had learnt his lesson with how Penelope liked to be addressed early on, “I am a doctor in a very busy hospital and I do have other patients that require me. I can not allot a time to see your son based on when you are available.”

“Of course you can, just don’t come around until after lunch!”

“Mum!” Sig said. “Please.”

The doctor was obviously not going to be dictated too and he certainly wasn’t going to change his schedule just so that it fitted in with a patient’s mother. “With all due respect Miss. Your son is an adult. While he was in a coma you might have had some say in what happened, but now he is awake and of fit mind the decisions about his health and ongoing treatment can be handled by him. I will be visiting this ward when my schedule allows it and providing Sig is present I will be sharing my findings and recommendations with him as is my duty.”

With his speech spoken the doctor turned and walked out of the room, stopping only long enough to place the medical folder in the file holder mounted to the wall at the door where it was suppose to sit.

“Well I think that was a bit uncalled for!” Penelope said when they were alone in the room.

“Maybe, but telling a doctor what to do is never going to end well Mum.” Sig replied quietly, he was annoyed at the way his mother handled the doctor but he also wasn’t going to behave like she did because of it.

“You’ll have to promise me you’ll hold the doctor off if he comes in before I get here.”

“How am I suppose to do that Mum?” Sig’s question was serious, even if he knew he wasn’t going to follow through with it.

“Act like you’re asleep. Go to the toilet. I’m sure you can think of something!”

Sig could think of something but it wasn’t a thought about holding the doctor off just because his mother wasn’t present.

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