“What do you make of those two?” Sig asked Vi after the two Inspectors had left his room and they were alone again.

“Fairbrother is like a dog with a bone.” Vi replied without much thought. “Pretty much every visit I made here while you were in a coma the guy was somewhere. Couple of times I saw him talking to the doctor, a few times to nurses and at least once to your Mum. He kind of seems genuine, like he wants to solve the case, but I have no idea what other cases he was talking about doing because I don’t think the guy has focused on anything but you for weeks.”

“That’s nice of him! What about Roadson?” Sig asked.

“Funny thing is the prick paid me a visit on the day of your accident.”

“You didn’t tell me that.” Sig’s voice was shocked but he wasn’t questioning her as if she had been hiding something.

“Yeah, I should have. Honestly I meant to as well but I completely forgot until the guy walked in the door because we were talking about so many other things and how I found out about the accident slipped my mind.”

“He told you about what happened?” Sig was trying not to sound suspicious because he knew that while there was questions over many things in his life there was no question Vi’s dedication to him. She would no more hide truth from him than she would dress like a Barbie Doll.

“Less than an hour after it happened.” Vi replied. “You were going to come around after dinner that evening.”

“I remember that.”

“I had just left Coles after doing some shopping for my own dinner and the prick stopped ahead of me along Cantaberry Road.” Sig didn’t need to picture the area, it was less than five minutes walk from Vi’s place and she often ducked down to the Coles Supermarket on a daily basis to get food for the day or night, but rarely did she do a big shop. “The prick parked his car out the front of the bottle shop and waited for me to catch up, then wound down the window. It was almost a full on cop scene from a movie, if it wasn’t real life you’d think it was corny.” Sig said nothing and Vi continued. “Anyway he was leaning across the front seat looking out the open window, he called me over to the car, he had every expectation I was going to come over, then he says, ‘Did you know your boyfriend took a dive from a building today.’ I was shocked but didn’t actually believe him, then he said, ‘Made a right fucken mess of himself. He looked like a fucken pancake! What a fucken meat wagon to clean up. Oh well just thought you’d like to know, cya Scrag!’.”

“Geez what a charming guy!” Sig said without much thought, but both of them already knew how much charm a guy like Max Roadson lacked.

“Oh yeah, he’s definitely that!” Vi paused then started again. “See the thing is I didn’t know what he was talking about. I didn’t know what you were doing that day and Roadson had been making a dick of himself since that press conference with Kelly Campbell. So I walked home thinking he was just being his usual dickhead self, then when I turned the TV on for the 5pm news I saw the bloody story and nearly feel apart.”

Sig waited patiently for the nurse who’s given Vi the message to take his obs, there was brief talks about those figures and then within a few minutes the two of them were alone in the room again.

“So that fucking Roadson knew about the accident not long after it happened.” Sig said, it was more of a statement than a question.

“Yes, within hours.”

“Yet he’s not the investigating officer.”

“No, but with cop radios and stuff he could have found out the instant the call for police assistance went over the airwaves.” Vi replied and Sig agreed.

“Suppose he could even have been on scene then just couldn’t wait to tell you the good news.

“Yeah see there is something not quite right about it all though.” Vi said with some concern creeping into her voice. “It’s been sitting on my mind on and off for the while time. Maybe that’s why I didn’t drop it as soon as I came in, I’d devoted too much brain time to it and my mind had finally shut it out.”

“What are you talking about?”

“The way Roadson spoke to me, the way he told me about the mess, the comment about the pancake and the meat wagpn.” Vi’s voice had lowered slightly almost as if she wasn’t sure she wanted to say what she was about to say. “It just seemed so matter of factly. He knew what had happened. But it was more than that. He was bragging and telling me how bad things were. To me, and I guess I could have read more into over the last few months, but to me it sounded like he knew what was suppose to happen but didn’t know you were still alive. The news reports said you left the scene in a critical condition not deceased. He spoke like you were dead. At least that how I heard it, over and over and over for the past few weeks.”

“You think he was telling you what he thought had happened and not what had happened because he knew what was going down?” Sig asked.
“Honestly Sig,” Vi now sounded defeated. “I don’t know what to think any more.”

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