So, back to work after than rant about WorkCover. Honestly I don’t know how I get myself into such wild rants, maybe it’s a hormone thing. But then again if she did moan I doubt we’d hear her this far into the outback! Boom Boom! That was a terrible joke but my timing was impeccable.

Okay I’ll be serious now.

Matthew had just ridden the tray down to the ground until his feet were flat on the dirt and he was able to step off. At the same time he made every Workcover person in the country shed a tear as their mental telepathy told them that somewhere in the country someone had gone outside their rule book.

He carried the winch cable with him as he walked forward and I used the remote to free spool the winch drum until he was at the back of Alex’s Toyota. Grabbing hold of the tow bar with his left hand as he bent over Matthew scooted, twisted and turned until he was in a position to slip the hook of the winch through the recovery hook mounted on the rear of the chassis.

I don’t need to tell you that a sensible rescuer, anyone worth their salt, wouldn’t use the tow bar, tow hitch or tow ball as a point to pull from. It’s fairly obvious as to why such a thing shouldn’t be done but it does still appear going by what’s on YouTube these days that there are still a good many people out there too stupid to realise the dangers of securing a tow rope or cable to a possible projectile like a tow ball.

Thankfully we weren’t that stupid and once Matthew was out from under the vehicle I used the winch remote to pull the four wheel drive away from the tree.

We were lucky in some ways that when Alex had quickly vacated the driver’s seat he’d also switched the engine off and removed the key. It was an instinctive thing that many people did when they exited their vehicle, less so when that vehicle was a mine’s vehicle and the driver wasn’t interested in its upkeep. But thankfully for whatever reason it was something that Alex did and it made our job easier. What it meant for us was that the steering stayed straight and as the Beast pulled the Toyota backwards it pulled straight and true all the way to the tray.

“Rock, paper scissors to see who starts hunting for the snake?” Matthew said once the Toyota was up on the level road surface.

I’m sure Alex did expect such a silly game between us to decide who was going to take the lead on the next part of the recovery and neither did I really. But since Matthew offered I decided it was worth playing along. One of the reasons I thought playing along and having a little fun was worth it was because I knew Matthew always went with rock when we did play it, because even when he lost he made the claim that his rock could rip the paper. So for me it was an easy win and a bit of fun.

“Okay, lets do it.” I could see the look on Alex’s face as we prepared to start, it was a look of surprise. “Ready?” Matthew nodded to me and pushed his closed fist towards mine.“One,” we bounced our closed fists close to each other, “two,” another fist bounce, “three.”

On the third bounce both Matthew and I presented each other with our effort. Typically Matthew went straight for the rock and I went straight for paper.

I covered his first and said, “Paper beats rock.”

“But rock tears apart paper.” Matthew replied predictably.

“Rubbish, rock has never torn paper and you know it, despite doing the same thing for years.” I replied with a smile and let his hand go.

“As if rock can’t tear paper. Sheesh what world do you live in girl.”

“What do you think Alex? Does rock beat paper?”

Alex looked a bit dumbfounded, kind of like he didn’t know what to say. “I have no idea,” he said when he found the right words. “It’s not a game I’ve ever played.”

He was of course right, it wasn’t a game practised much by Aussies, in fact I don’t even remember playing it with anyone other than Matthew when we were being silly. If you sat down and analyse it, it’s actually a fairly silly game because there is ways that all three items can beat each other, but who would sit down and analyse it. And to be fair it isn’t that much sillier than tossing a coin in the air to decide something.

“Okay, best out of three!” Matthew said as if he still thought he had a chance of winning.

“Sure, but you’re only stretching this out.” I replied and put my closed fist out for a second time.

“That’s one all, now for the decider,” Matthew said after actually learning from his mistake and going with scissors to combat my paper which I didn’t change because I didn’t expect him to change.

“Alright, loser goes snake hunting!” I said as I placed my closed fist next to his.

I felt sure he was going to go back to rock so I decided to run with paper and prepare myself for a disagreement about who won, but instead the rotten bugger surprised me and when I presented paper he threw me a pair of scissors.

“HA HA!” Matthew laughed. “Gotcha! Scissors beats paper. That’s two, one I win.”

I looked at him seriously, lowered my lips slightly to show defeat, then said. “Yes, but boss beats lacky, now go and meet your new friend!”

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