“It’s a waiting room Inspector,” Sig still refused to use the Inspector’s name, “perhaps they are waiting for someone or something thing.”

Sig tried not to react in anyway at the mention of three Devil Dog members sitting in the waiting room. He was sure it wasn’t a co-incidence that they were there, not given that several of them where the last people he remembered seeing before he took a swan dive off a building and was put in a coma, but he was not going to tell the police that.

“Oh I’m sure they are waiting for someone!” Inspector Fairbrother said.

Sig could see the look on Inspector Roadson’s face, it was one of questionable doubt. Was he questioning Sig’s answer, or was he questioning why three members of a gang his favourite politician was connected too were suddenly waiting at the hospital? Did he actually know what had happened too Sig? Was he part of the deal that Kelly Campbell seemed to be making to stop Sig becoming too much of a thorn in his side?

“Maybe you could try asking them if that’s what you came down here for.” Sig replied to Inspector Fairbrother.

“Don’t be a smart arse son,” The voice came from Inspector Roadson. “Just answer the questions whether you think there is a reason for them or not.”

Fairbrother put his arm out in an effort to silence Roadson but he did not say anything directly to the man, instead he spoke to Sig only. “As much as the Inspector beside me doesn’t seem to be blessed with a bed side manner he does have a point. Answering my questions without the smart arse remarks would be to the benefit of all.”

Sig thought about his answer for a second or two then came out with. “Well Inspector, if the questions are something that relates to me I will do my best to answer them. However if you just want to ask me questions about random people my answers may not be what you expect.”

“Ok, point taken.” Fairbrother said, then added in sarcastic tone. “Whether there is an outlaw gang of motorcyclists after you or not, the kind of people who wouldn’t think twice about throwing you off a roof, is definitely not relative to your case.”

Again Sig could see that Inspector Roadson was not entirely comfortable with the direction of the conversation, but at the same time he didn’t want to talk about the Devil Dogs either.

“Well I’m glad you dropped by to keep me updated with who is in the waiting room. But if there is no further update perhaps you could leave me to get some rest?” Sig asked hoping to end the conversation.

Inspector Fairbrother was obviously annoyed with the way the questioning had gone, he didn’t like having to babysit Roadson, he didn’t like the fact that several members of an outlaw motorcycle gang had turned up at the hospital and he didn’t like the way that after three months he was no closer to solving the case. But he also had other cases that needed solving and if Sig was not going to help himself there was little else he could do.

“I presume the same request to leave applies to the lady?” Inspector Roadson said rudely before leaning forward and offering his hand to Vi. “Would you like me to escort you to your car miss?”

Unlike the first time Fairbrother used his hand to stop Roadson the second time it happened the action was more physical and forceful. “Step off Max. I told you this was my case. The lady does not need you to escort her anywhere.”

“I was only being friendly and extending the hand of the law!” Roadson replied.

Inspector Fairbrother apologised for his fellow inspector, offered his farewell and then escorted the man out of the room leaving Vi and Sig staring blankly at their backs as they walked.

In the hospital corridor the two inspectors walked together, side by side and talking quietly.

“So are you buying the story?” Roadson asked Fairbrother.

“No. But his story gels with hers.” Fairbrother replied.

“But she claims to know nothing.” Roadson side stepped a doctor who was barrelling down the hallway reading from a folder and seemingly not paying attention to what was in front of him.

“Exactly, that’s why it gels because he’s saying just as much. That’s what makes me think there is more to the story that even you know!”

As Fairbrother stepped up to the elevator he pushed the down button he did look at the other inspector for his reaction instead he looked up at the number above the doors to see where the car was..

“Of course there is more to it. You saw the reaction to the Devil Dogs being here. Neither of them knew what to say.” Roadson said smugly as the elevator dinged and the doors started opening.

Despite two nurses and someone in plain clothes who was possible just a visitor to the hospital also boarding the elevator with the two inspectors that didn’t didn’t stop Inspector Fairbrother responding to Roadson’s comment. “Yes, and one day I’m going to find out why you think using that was a threat we needed.”

“Well it worked didn’t?”

Fairbrother remained silent as the elevator descended to the ground floor, then as the rest of the occupants exited and went about their separate tasks and the two inspectors stepped into another corridor. He remained silent as they walked towards the main entrance and he remained silent as they stepped out onto the street. It wasn’t until the two inspectors reached Max Roadson car, which was parked in the police bay in front of his own that he spoke.

Toe to toe and face to face Justin Fairbrother stood up to Max Roadson and without touching him he said. “I want you to listen to me Max!” The look on Max’s face suggested he was not only listening but also knew better than to speak against his superior. “I told you this is not a pissing contest. Whether the threat of an outlaw motorcycle gang worked or not, this is my case and I wont have you trying to derail it for you own benefit or the benefit of someone you think deserves to be treated differently. I don’t know what lead you to the threat but if I find out there is something you are hiding about this case I’ll be sure it’s the last case you every interfere on.”

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