Captain Blackscuttle had finished reading the note that was left him, or so he thought, and he was trying to make his decision about the Island of Gold. But most of all he was trying to figure out if he could trust what he’d been through, what he’d seen and what he’d read.

He knew his old crew better than he’d known any men since and he trusted their word more than he would trust the word of any one else. But the unanswered questions still niggled at his mind. The Island of Gold had taken his crew and sent him fleeing back to the safety of the sea. Despite the tale told by the words scribed on the page he knew that to be the truth because it’s what he saw with his own eyes all those years before.

It was in that moment of doubt as he stood before the big chest shuffling the papers in his hand he realised there something else appeared to be written on the back of the last page. He turned the wad of paper over knowing that only minutes before he’d been staring at his own name written across the back of the last page as it was folded, yet somehow he also knew that what was there as he turned it over was no longer his name but a final paragraph of text.

How had the new body of print appeared where his name had been only minutes before? He could not answer that other than to suggest his eyes were playing tricks on him, it wasn’t the nicest suggestion but it was all he could think of. Blinking once, twice, and a third time when the captain looked down and the words were still there he decided they needed to be read.

Captain, I understand what this note is requesting is beyond the realms of what a sane mind wants to fathom, but I assure you it is the truth. We all await your return. Await to be reunited with you.

Captain Blackscuttle knew those words were not on the back of the last page when he picked up the papers. That had to mean they were placed there as an after thought, by some form of magic he did not understand, to convince him of his next move. Somewhere deep in his mind he knew he had to trust it, knew he had to trust that the words on the page told a story of truth. Not only did such words add meaning to his life if they were true but the gave him the resolution he knew he would never find should he sail the seven seas for the rest of eternity.

No matter how he thought about it Captain Blackscuttle could not think of an option that was worse than living out the rest of his life, even within the family of the Good Captain, if he let the opportunity he was presented slip away without at least trying. But that did not make the choice easier.

“Wha’’s that ahead?” Crowsfeet Mcgee called out as he made his way towards what he, and the entire crew, hoped was a clue to finding their lost man.

“Wha’ ‘ave ye found laddie?” The Good Captain said as he stepped up to the small group that had gathered around Crowsfeet Mcgee.

“Aye, ‘ppears ta be nuthin’ but some blank paper.”

“Pass it t’ me, pirate.” The Good Captain said.

“But cap’n thar be naught on them pages.” Crowsfeet replied but was not about to ignore the order of his captain.

“It be th’ first thin’ we’ve found in a hour o’ searchin’ pirate, it must be meanin’ somethin’.” The Good Captain said as he put his hand out to accept the folded wad of paper from his man.

“Right ye be!” came the pirate’s reply as he did as he was asked.

At exactly the same time as the Good Captain closed his fingers over the wad of paper black markings of ink began to form on the upside of the blank paper.

The Good Captain.

Had it not been for the fact that more than a dozen pairs of eyes were looking at the paper as it was handed from pirate to pirate captain none may have believed what they saw. Even with so many eyes watching there was disbelief, amazement and shock, it was like magic.

The Good Captain remained composed, looked down at his moniker on the paper and thought for a moment. Such magics were not common in the pirate world but sure enough what he held in his hand had a magic of its own that could not be ignored. What he held in his hand was meant for him and it was his duty to open the wad of paper and do with it what was needed.

Just like his name had magically appeared written on the back side of the folded wad as soon as his hand touched the paper writing appeared on the pages in his hand as he slipped his fingers inside the fold and opened it up. Those that saw it stepped back and gave the Good Captain his space. The Good Captain read the message as it formed on the page.

Several minutes of silence followed as the Good Captain read the note, he let out nor a sigh or a groan as the words formed and he did not change his facial expression a single time. When he was finally finished he folded the pages back the way they had been when they had been handed to him. Had any pirate been able to see through the folded pages they’d have seen the text printed on them magically disappear as it had appeared only a few moments before.

“Our search be o’er men, return t’ th’ ship. Shankhook go ahead ‘n tell Captain Bildgepoole I request his audience immediately if nah sooner.” The Good Captain called.

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