“The truth was not what actually happen?” Captain Blackscuttle said aloud to no one as he read the words at the bottom on the second page. “How is that even possible, for if it is the truth then it has to have happened. If it did not happen in can hardly be the truth now can it?”

Captain Blackscuttle’s voice was both low and crackly, there was a nervousness in it and there was a pain that was evident by anyone who knew him. But alas there was no one around to hear it, for he was by himself standing on the Island of Gold wondering what he was doing and wondering what was about to happen.

Yet again he thought about the chest and the journey he had been taken on to reach it. He might have started out with the assistance of the crew of the Privateer, with the crew of the Revenge and his long time friend Captain Bildgepoole tailing behind as the second party, but they were long gone. He left them once the stockade wall was down, he journeyed fourth alone and alone he was when he found the big chest that was as mysterious as anything he’d seen in his life.

The Island promised gold, it promised wealth and it promised everything beyond what any pirate could wish for. Yet while the first time he’d visited he’d been greedy, too greedy to succeed, now with his second visit he could still see none of the riches or wealth that was suppose to be afforded him. Was something wrong? Of course it was, the pages he’d just read seemed to suggest everything was wrong, well wrong to the point that what he had believed all the years was not correct.

Captain Blackscuttle was confused and the more he thought about it the more confused he got, he was sure that confusion was coming out in his thoughts. He decided to turn to the third page and continue reading.

On the day we stormed the Island of Gold you lead a crew of mighty fine pirates, a crew so dedicated that they would have fought with you to the death. They would have ridden your ship to the depths where Davy Jones does dwell simply because you were their captain. They would have battled the deadly Terrorsquid until there was no fighting left in their bones had that been your final order. That is what it meant to be a part of your crew.

“But I lead them all to their deaths,” Captain Blackscuttle thought, “if they were alive today such belief would not be in their minds.”

“You fled from the Island of Gold assuming the worst, you fled thinking that each and every crew member that you trained, taught and guided had been killed. You left with your life vowing that one day you would come back and avenge the deaths of each and every crew member. It was a noble gesture a long time in the making. But alas captain I have to tell you it was not necessary.

Something else I am at liberty to tell you through these words is that the rumours of the Island are true, true beyond your wildest hopes. Nothing you led us here for was a lie, the gold, the jewels, the wealth, they have all existed and shall exist forever should you choose to take them.

Captain Blackscuttle was beyond confused, the note was written as if someone was talking to him directly, as if they knew him. There might have been some vague recall of the writing and to whose hand it might have once belonged but his mind also knew that was not possible, for the same mind saw that man die more than fifty years prior. He read on.

That is right captain, they all exist, only the wealth this island holds, a wealth which has been spoken about for many a year is not the kind of wealth that is measured only with numbers, or by the biggest stack of gold doubloons, it is not even measured in jewel encrusted gems. In fact it is barely measurable by any of today’s scales, yet if you accept it you will know exactly what I mean.

Captain Blackscuttle leafed through to the fourth page carefully slipping the third page to the back of the wad. He was as confused as he was enthralled by what he was reading.

For the years under your guidance each and every pirate trusted you. It is now time for you to trust us captain.

The continued use of the word ‘us’ stood out to Captain Blackscuttle but he still had no idea what he was reading.

Your visions of that day may be clouded but I assure you it was not as it seemed, each and every one of your crew survived and continues to survive living off the wealth of this island, the wealth you knew existed but didn’t find. Until now!

I understand your trepidation, I understand your hesitation, but Captain Blackscuttle, your life, your wealth, your eternity and your crew awaits. I shan’t say what it is before you but suffice to say that to collect your wealth and be reunited with your crew and the wealth you truly deserved all you need to do is step into the chest. It might seem impossible Captain but if you could trust me one final time just like each and every one of us trusted you to the final moment, you shall be rewarded with what it is you’ve been hunting all these years.

Eternity awaits you

Captain Blackscuttle stood and gaped at the papers opened mouthed. How could he not believe every word inked on those pages? There was truths between the lines that not another pirate in the world would have seen. Secret messages taught to only his leading men. There was no way the message was a fake. Was there?

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