King of Cool I am, just another trucker
Feed for the cattle, forty tonne of tucker
Cruising on the highway, just another sucker
Stopped by the scalies, god damn mother fucker

“Seems you’re a bit to heavy.” said the weighing man
“You should be ashamed, what is your bloody plan?”
“Just trying to do my job, not trying to be tarzan.”
I replied to the scalie man, while trying to be deadpan

“You’re massively overloaded, and this really is a crisis,
You’ve ignore the road rules and refused any compliance.”
Scalie man then said without a hint of any defiance
“You can not continue on, I’m going to take your licence.”

“Me licence I’ll be buggered, what is your fucking program?”
I asked the scalie man, he must be pulling a scam
“The piss you are taking, I believe you are a sham,
The licence could not weigh more than a single gram.”