Captain Blackscuttle was standing on the Island of Gold, he and the crew had survived attacks by weird animals and cloned pirates, then by himself he’d survived storms and strangeness that weighed on his mind, but none of that really prepared him for finding the seemingly empty chest and the wad of paper.

As his thumb slipped between the sheets of paper he was nervous, so nervous he could feel the muscles in his legs twitching uncontrollably. His stomach also felt like a rabble of confused butterflies had been let loose in there and there was a voice in his head telling him that what he was about to read should be destroyed and forgotten.

However there was also another voice in his head that was telling him that if he didn’t open the wad of paper and read the notes it contained he would be the one that was forgotten. Neither voice seemed believable but the voice telling him to continue as he was doing definitely seemed the strongest.

The further his thumb slid between the paper the further it opened. Captain Blackscuttle was slowly loosing sight of his own name as it was printed on the paper and the butterflies in his stomach were getting wilder.

When the paper was finally open he looked at the top page, he did not start reading, he was still to nervous, but he tried to take in as much as he could before reading anything written on the page. It was difficult not to see his own name at the top of the page, it was in large script very dark as if it had only been scribed there minutes before.

Did the script look familiar? Captain Blackscuttle wasn’t sure. The scroll emanating from each capital letter was long, sweeping and ended with a slight flick as if the writer flicked the end of his stroke to stop the final pause of the line from splotching. The way the letter ‘p’ draped below the line of the rest of the letters with its slight kink and the way each lower case ‘t’ was crossed with a slight wave in the line, all looked familiar. But were they that familiar? Captain Blackscuttle did not know.

Captain Blackscuttle stared at and analysed the lettering of his name for several long moments before he realised that he was simply procrastinating. It was still a nervous move that was not entirely easy to do but the he started to move his focus down onto the body of the writing.

The script of the page was easily readable and clear, there was no signs of ageing in the ink used and each letter almost appeared to be freshly printed.

I understand that this note and I’m sure the chest will find you extremely confused, possibly even questioning what it is you know and what is you don’t about your own life up to this point.

I also understand that your journey to this point will be a source of confusion, but let me tell you there is no need for such confusion. I hope to ease your confusions by the end of these notes, but alas that is all I can say at this point. Please continue to read what it is you need to understand before your next decision is made.

Captain Blackscuttle stopped, reread the words he’d just read, took a breath and pushed himself to heed the words and not simply skip ahead to the end of the message and find out whose script it was.

Many years ago you lead a crew of pirates onto the Island of Gold searching for untold wealth and riches. During that time you and your crew fought hard defending yourselves as the Island’s defences threw at you what they had.

You watched, becoming increasingly disheartened as you saw crew members falling where they stood. A hundred men falling down before your eyes and each one of their lives your deemed yourself responsible for. But it was not true, each one of those pirates stood on their own two feet even when they stood behind you and sailed under your ominous ensign. For that reason they also fought by themselves knowing exactly what could befall the at any time.

They were a crew taught so well that had any one of them been in your boots they too would have been racked with guilt at seeing what it is your saw with your own eyes. But I can assure you Captain that your guilt is not required and is not serving you the justice you deserve.

Captain Blackscuttle lifted the top page from the rest of the wad and stuck it at the back, he then began reading the second page, confused but determined to read on.

Your running from the island on the fateful day was justified, there would not have been another pirate that sailed the seven seas in those days who would have done differently. What you saw, what you felt, what you smelt, was enough to drive any pirate, no matter how fearless, to the brink of insanity.

From that day forth you have sailed the seas looking for something that you could not possibly have found. You punished yourself for the loss of your crew and you spent your life trying to make amends for the mistakes you though you made all those years ago.

Unsurprisingly though you found no solution, no amends and no restitution for your troubled mind. And the reason for that, as I have already laid out, is because it was not there to find.

Captain Blackscuttle was even more confused than before he started reading. The he read the final words on the bottom of the second page.

For what you thought was the truth was not what actually happened

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