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Outback Rescue: Do We Need Animal Control?

“Are you going to wait for some sort of animal control?” Nick asked me as I told him about the rescue Matthew and I were off to preform.

“Na, that’s why I’m taking this bloke with me?” I replied and pointed at Matthew.

“He’s animal control?” Nick asked but I’m pretty sure he knew the answer to that question before he spoke.

“Of course not, but take a look at him.” Again I pointed at Matthew then added. “There isn’t an animal this side of the black stump that wouldn’t run in the opposite direction when it saw that face!”

“Really?” Nick replied and I know I should have picked his tone of voice but I didn’t and that gave him the chance to add. “I’ve always thought the two you looked like twins!”

Matthew laughed, not just a laugh a definite laugh out loud! That then gave Nick the idea that it was safe to laugh.

“And to think I rescued you both from the clutches of growly man and his drug dealing buddies!” I said, then hmphed quiet loudly and walked out the door of the police station slamming it shut behind me.

I was barely off the front step before I heard the door I’d just slammed open. That told me that one or both of the main men in my life were following me, no doubt they were coming to apologise. I kept walking towards the Beast knowing they would follow me.

When I got to the driver’s door I stopped, opened it, then turned towards Matthew and Nick ready to accept their apology. At that moment I nearly broke out laughing because kneeling before me on the concrete path that led to the front door of the police station were Nick and Matthew on bended knees bowing to me.

“We’re not worthy!” Both of them said in together. “We’re not worthy!”

It was an over exaggerated copy of the scene from the movie Wayne’s World where Garth and Wayne meet Alice Cooper and Nick and Matthew were doing it so well I couldn’t help but laugh. For those of you that don’t know what I am talking about you should get out more because even I’ve seen Wayne’s World and I live in the middle of outback nowhere, a place that doesn’t even have it’s own television station.

“It’s good that you’ve finally come to this realisation. But please get up, you are only embarrassing yourselves.” I said.

There wasn’t anyone in the immediate area that would actually cause embarrassment to the two of them but it was all I could do not to laugh and them. The truth was that if anyone in town did see the boys doing what they were doing they too would be laughing, not laughing to embarrass them, laughing because they knew what we were like.

“Embarrassment is a small price to pay to show our gratitude!” Matthew said as he stood up.

Nick followed Matthew. “He’s right!”

I couldn’t think of anything else to say so I stepped up to the two of them, put my arms around their necks and pulled them towards me. “You’re both crazy!”

“It does help!” Nick said. Then as I let him and Matthew go he added, “Be careful out there. If you need any help give me a call…”

“Thanks!” I said but before I got the entire word out he added.

“…and I’ll be sure to ignore your call!”

“Bastard!” I said as I slapped him on the shoulder lightly and smiled at him. I then turned to Matthew and said. “Get in the truck. If you hang around with this reprobate too long you’ll become like him and I don’t need two of you!”

“Thanks!” Nick said with a huge smile. “I like to corrupt as many people in a single day as I can.”

Matthew walked around the Beast and climbed into the passenger seat, I climbed into the driver’s seat, all three of us were smiling and not offended. Just to prove that, in case you needed proof, Nick stepped up and closed my door for me, as he did so I opened the window with the electronic controller and heard him say.

“You know where I am if you need me!”

“Thanks Nick. I’m sure we’ll fine. We’ll see you back over the road for dinner tonight. It must be your shout!”

“For sure!” Nick then turned and walked back to the station as I started the Beast and took off.

By the time we were pulling onto the road Nick was standing at the door of the cop shop giving us a wave, I stuck my hand out the window and waved back.

OH it’s just occurred to me that in all the excitement of getting Matthew ready and waiting for the boys to praise me I haven’t actually told you where we were headed. Well I told you where but not what for. I did drop that line about animal control and Matthew having a face to scare off any sort of animal but I’m betting all that has done is make you curious. Well that really is my bad.

We were headed to Bangely Track. The mining guy really had run his four wheel drive into a tree and because of the angle it finished up on he needed it to be towed out, possibly even towed back to town because he wasn’t mechanically minded enough to know what sort of damage he might have done. However the reason he’d run his vehicle off the track was because one of our natives tried to introduce itself to him as he drove.

When I say natives I don’t mean a two legged, two armed, talking native, I mean a no legged, no armed, slithering kind of local and it popped up between his legs as he drove. It probably tried to introduce itself with a bit of a hissing type noise.

From the description I got it sounds like a Whipsnake, possible the Narrow-headed whipsnake, but apparently the man driving was a little to keen to get out of the vehicle without introducing himself to get a positive ID. So keen he was to get out he didn’t even stop, he just drove off the edge of the road and used a tree as brakes.

So that was our job, now you are up to date.

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  1. Yikes … I don’t appreciate snakes. : (

  2. Your brain has some interesting pathway connections. That’s what happens when you watch a lot of TV!
    Dean would also not appreciate a one-eyed … whatever.
    She is a smart cookie!

    • I’m not sure TV is to blame for my brain, trouser snakes are not allowed on TV.

      Dean had chased Nick’s trouser snake before and she may do again one day but she has company and Matt is not the sort of person she wants watching.

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