Sig knew he had to tell his mother something, she was convinced that if he knew without question that Vi had not been the one to push him off the roof of the building then it stood to reason that he knew more than he was telling the police. The thing that annoyed Sig most was that he knew his mother didn’t want the truth to come out, she might not have known exactly what that truth was, or the ramifications of the story becoming public, but not having it come out played into her manipulative hands.

What Sig didn’t know was how long he could play into his mother’s hands. Living in her house, or at least keeping it as a base where she assumed he was living served a purpose, not just for her but for himself as well. He had no intention of becoming his mother’s slave, it made very little difference to him that a large part of her loneliness was of her own doing, he had plans in life that did not include being his mother’s keeper. Unfortunately he did not have a clear memory of what those plans included since his accident but he hoped they would come back to him, he also hoped to get a chance to speak to Vi without his Mum being present.

“Mum,” Sig said hoping that he would soon be left alone for the evening, “I know nothing more than I have told you about the accident, but I do know that Vi had nothing to do with it.” He thought about leaving it there but knew his mother wouldn’t accept it. “I’ve known Vi for a long time, we are friends and she has no reason to do such a thing.”

“There are killers in jail all over the country that had no reason to do such a thing.” Penelope replied using air quotes to emphasise the repeated words from Sig’s comment.

“She’s not a killer Mum, you heard her, she thought I was her girl friend, why would she want to push me off a building?” Sig was struggling to think of words that would convince his mother.

“Of course not, women don’t kill their partners, only males do that!” Penelope replied.

“We don’t even know someone was trying to kill me Mum, please.”

“Come on Sigurd, don’t lie to your mother. It’s pretty obvious that whoever pushed you didn’t do so to see if you could fly, they did so to kill you.”

“Well just like I told the police. I don’t know who that could be. But I do know it wasn’t Vi and you are just going to have to accept that.”

“Why didn’t you tell the police who she was?”

It was a question that Sig had not seen coming, he probably should have but he didn’t. He thought quick and all he came up with was. “Because as I told you, I know she had nothing to do with it, so there was no reason to tell them anything about her.”

“I think you’re fibbing to me. I don’t know why, but I think you are, and I don’t like it.” Penelope said is a low and sad voice wondering if it might guilt Sig into more.

“Well thank you for the trust Mum. I’ve been awake from the coma less than half a day and between the doctors, the nurses, the police, Vi and you, especially you, have barely let me rest. I’ve been word bashed from pillar to post and now you tell me you don’t trust me. I think I need to be left alone.”

It wasn’t immediate but Penelope did take the hint and within ten minutes she was making an excuse to leave him to get some rest. There was also a promise that she would return the following day, but not until after lunch because she had to put some hours in at work and she was on the early shift. Not only was his mother’s departure news to his ears but the fact she was not going to be present was even bigger news. With a kiss on the cheek and a sly dig at him by suggesting he think about Vi and her involvement in what had happened, Penelope was out the door and on her way home.

Even before Penelope would have been out of the hospital Sig was thinking about how he was going to get a message to Vi. He knew there was no chance that his mother would have left his phone behind even if it had been with his belongings when he was admitted, so that was not an option. Nether was walking to a pay phone given that he had the tubes and the catheter still in place. It meant that his options were few, either a nurse nice enough to lend him a mobile phone, or a nurse willing to make a phone call for him from the nurses station. He decide the last idea was his best option which only left him the thoughts of what he would need to say to get what he needed.

After a few more minutes of deliberation he used the nurse call button, waited a few minutes for one to arrive then simply asked with as few words as he thought he could get away with. He went with the option of telling the nurse that Vi was his girlfriend who didn’t get along with his mother and he needed to get her a message so that she could visit without creating a heated scene in the hospital. Nurse Andrews probably didn’t need that much information because she was more than happy to pass Sig message on and within twenty minutes of asking her for the favour she was back in Sig’s room telling him that she’d gotten hold of the Vi on the number he’d given her and Vi had agreed to come into the hospital by 9am the following morning.

For the first time since he woke up from his coma Sig was able to relax.

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