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Outback Rescue: Off to Work Again

When our scintillating morning conversation over the kitchen table was interrupted by my phone ringing I felt a little bit disheartened. Had I got the better of Matthew? Was it a draw? I know he couldn’t have gotten the better of me, but was he thinking that? It was a difficult situation to be in and honestly I wasn’t sure which way to jump but thankfully the phone rang and I didn’t have to choose.

“Yes. Well that’s not really our area of expertise.” I said after the caller introduced themselves and told me what their problem was. If you’ll notice I was also being very kind to Matthew there and referred to ‘our’ expertise, no need for praise it’s the kind of person I am! “Yes, we can do that…Of course…We can be there in about eighty minutes.”

I finished off the conversation telling our newest client to keep calm, keep out of the heat until we arrived and to stay hydrated, the usual stuff one needs to tell people in the outback. Then when I hung up I told Matthew to get his stuff together because we were off on an adventure.

Typical of Matthew there was no credit for the number of times I used the words we and us in the conversation and I started to wonder if he really was going to be cut out for this high stress, high excitement, career change.

“I’ll go and get the Beast out of the shed while you get your make up done, you’ve got five minutes!” I said to him as I got up from the table.

“Five minutes?” he said with surprise. “Five minutes is not enough time. I’ll come out looking like you!”

I would have given him a few points for that comeback had I not been in a bit of a hurry. I could also have chosen to retaliate, but like always someone has to remain mature. Instead it was ‘All Business Dean’ to save the day. “Bring your keys out with you, you can park your Rolls Royce in the shed while we are gone.” I said as I grabbed my keys, my phone and my kit bag from on the floor near the table.

Matthew disappeared into his room, I disappeared outside.

If I wasn’t leaving the shed immediately I would have wheeled the Beast out and let her idle without filling the shed full of exhaust fumes but since no one was going to be in the shed other than the rats, possums and bunyips (yes they are real look them up!) I let her warm up inside. It wasn’t often she had a thirty six hour sleep and I wanted to wake her up slowly.

While she warmed up I double checked everything just to make sure it was all there, I know such a check is rarely needed because I do the same check when I get home but it’s definitely better to be safe that sorry. When I heard Matthew’s four wheel drive start up outside I went straight over to the second big door and began to open it. The second bay of the shed hadn’t had another car parked in it for a long time and there was a few thins to move, but on the spur of the moment I decided that was a better parking option than over the pit where the Beast was in case I needed the pit while Matthew was around.

Less than five minutes later I was pulling the Beast out of the shed and Matthew was standing at the door to lock it up.

“Got everything you need?” I asked as he climbed into the Beast.

“Even got me a spare pair of Reg Grundy’s. “ Matthew said tossing his small kit bag on the floor at his feet and sitting his butt in the passenger seat.

If you need a help with what Reg Grundy’s are you probably should introduce yourself to Mr. Google, we’ve got a rescue to get to! Although I will give you one hint to get you on your way and that is that Reg Grundy’s are rhyming slang for something most of us need. Okay, off we went without time for further description.

“I hope they are clean!” I said referring to his Reg Grundy’s

“I hope so too!” he replied. “So where are we off too?”

“Bangley Track. Have you been up there before?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

As we headed out my driveway I told Matthew about Bangley Track and where it was. I also told him that we had a recovery to do pulling a four wheel drive off a tree. The driver, a city guy staying in Ord River, the next town on the road north to Darwin, lost control of his vehicle as he was heading home from a sortie out in the boonies doing some research for some big iron ore company. It was by his report a fairly straight forward rescue and maybe a tow back to either Ord River or Halls depending on the damage.

“Do you miss him that much having not seen him all day that you have to drop in and give his a snog before we leave town?” Matthew asked cheekily as I pulled over in front of the cop shop on our way through town.

“Yes and I’m going to make you watch every agonising minute of it smart arse! Now get out of the truck and come with me!”

Of course there was no kiss, there was barely even any shenanigans I had stopped to let Nick know where we were going and what we were going there for, as I do pretty much any time I leave town.

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  1. So glad to see you in the Reader! I’ll have to catch up on this Matthew character….

  2. I guess it’s considered an interesting job, if you need to take clean undies …

    • Well it can vary, a four undies trip could be a four day trip, lots of excitement, lots of fun, and lots to write about. Alternatively if a four undies trip only lasts a day then it’s been a day many might not want to experience.

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