It may have been early evening, the sun may have gone to sleep and in its place a large moon was trying its best to shine over the Earth but the road house service centre on the eastern side of Port Augusta was quite busy. There was several large trucks, including the two trucks he’d passed coming through town, there was several smaller trucks, and there was more more than a dozen cars. It seemed the despite the majority of the town closing down for the evening the night life was waking up at the service centre.

In actual fact the ‘night life’ was probably not much more than evening travellers stopping for a feed before they got back on the road, but Rigabold liked the idea that when the entire town went inside for the night a service centre becomes the life of the town.

Rigabold pulled the Dodge up in the rear beside where the trucks park, there was plenty of room and it kept his vehicle out of plain sight, not that nosy parkers had been a big issue up to Port Augusta, other than the wanna be thief in Perth, but there was no point attracting attention.

Inside the service centre Rigabold made his way directly to the toilets, he didn’t need a toilet, his bodily system wasn’t made that way, but decided such a visit was warranted for two reasons. First he felt the need to splash water on his face, he wasn’t sure why but he did. However the main reason was because in watching people up to that point he’d noticed a lot of them got out of their vehicles at service centres and bolted straight for the bog. He didn’t expect to get some sort of prize for his own efforts but he did wonder if maybe doing a bog bolt earned him points for something.

He got no points and was only in the toilet a few moments before giving up hope. He wasn’t upset for trying but he quickly decided that the humans who partook in such behaviour were more than likely rushing in to the toilet to play with themselves after being on the road for an extended period. Whether that was true or not Rigabold didn’t care, it amused him to think that’s what they did.

Three steps out of the toilet he was passing a table, just like it appeared McDonalds designers loved to at their restaurants the designers of the road house had put eating tables almost right up to the door of the toilets. Considering how some humans smelt Rigabold couldn’t figure out why such a design was adapted so often. It also never ceased to amaze Rigbold that some people actually chose to sit at that table.

This table was occupied by three young girls, well everyone was young to Rigabold, but he estimated their age somewhere in, but maybe close to the, pre-twenties. Their eyes were firmly affixed to him as he walked and they made no effort to disguise the fact. All three girls were dressed up nicely with overdone make up and teased hair which Rigabold thought from his studies died out in the 1980’s. However it wasn’t their look that Rigabold noticed first it was their giggling, that then the fact they were staring at him as he walked.

When he was past the table he could feel the girls staring at his backside, they weren’t just pervving on him they were mentally undressing him and giggling at the idea. He decided to sit down at a vacant table by himself, one where he could read the menu board and watch other people, and where his super sensitive Tumcuddulan hearing could hear what the girls were saying.

“Wow, I’d sure love to run my hands down that hot body.” Said the first one, her tone high pitched and excited.

“Hands? Damn Lee, I’d love to run my tongue down it! What a hunk!” replied the second on in an equally high pitched voice but with more giggling.

“Shut up you two, neither of you would know what to do with it!” said the third.

“Would too.” giggled the girl Rigabold knew to be Lee. “But I wouldn’t let my tongue start working until I got below his belt.” Seemingly without taking a breath but still giddy with excitement she then added. “Hot damn! If his body is that hot imagine what he’s packing in those pants of his.”

“Whatever it is would be too big for you honey.” said the third giggly girl.

“Oh yeah right,” Lee replied. “Like you could handle anything bigger than Travis’ little weenie, Rose!” Rigabold assumed the insult was aimed at girl number three and therefore her name was Rose.

“Neither of you could handle such a man. You’ve both been spoilt by little weaners.” said girl number two. “Unlike me, I know what it’s like to be a real man. And I can tell you now, he’s all man.”

“And still out of you league Jenny.” giggled Lee.

“Yeah well I don’t want him. He might by nice to look at but lets face it all men are shit!” Jenny replied.

It was at that moment Rigabold realised he wasn’t just listening to three girls who looked liked they’d stepped out of the 1980’s and into present day he was dealing with two girls who were supporting their friend that had just been dumped by a man. A girl who was now in an “all men are shit” pity party. Where they were headed he wasn’t sure and didn’t care but he did know he wasn’t interested in anything they had to say or do. It was then he heard the final words he would listen to from them

“Even if he was in my league, who’d want a guy with a fucking head like that!”

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