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Outback Rescue: No Time For A Sleep In

“Geez if you want to keep working for me you’ll have to start getting up at a reasonable time!” I said to Matthew as he came out of his room bleary eyed and obviously still a bit tired.

I suppose in fairness he had driven most of the way back from Broome the evening before and because of a bit of an extended stop in Fitzroy Crossing after we ran into Sam at the service station it was nearly 10:30pm when we finally pulled up at home. Sure that doesn’t sound like too late for some folk but considering we’d pretty much been on the road since 5am it was a bloody long day.

“You told me I’m not working for you because it’s too much paperwork.” Matthew replied as he walked over the kettle to see if it was hot.

“I guess that is technically true, but it doesn’t mean you can sleep in.”

“Even after I spent 17 hours of the previous day behind the wheel?”

“Time waits for no one up here sonny, gotta go when we gotta go no matter what the previous day held.” I realise he should have known this sort of information but it was his first ‘official’ day so I guess it was fair the ground rules were applied.

Matthew grabbed his phone off the kitchen table, pushed the button to make the screen come alive, looked at the screen, looked at me with something that resembled questionable doubt, then looked at his phone again. “You do realise that it’s only 7:30?” He asked.

Now time does have a way of playing tricks on people occasionally and when you’ve woken up and the sun is both warm and really bright it’s not that hard to convince the brain that it’s later than it really is. The same goes for when the skies turn dark before a thunderstorm in the early evening, it’s not hard start thinking about bed time because the brain see dark, not digits.

“Yeah and I’ve been up for more than an hour and a half while you’ve been snoring your box off.” I said.

“And you’ve just been sitting there waiting for me?” Matthew asked. “You could have woken me rather than waiting for me!”

“Well no, I had myself some breakfast and some coffee, I also did a little bit of paperwork and paid some bills. I’m pretty efficient when I put my mind to this home bound stuff.”

The kettle’s automatic cut off kicked in and stopped the water from boiling too much, at the same time Matthew retrieved his mug from the dish drainer and set about making coffee. “Let me just make a coffee and we can be on our way, I’ll drink it in the truck.”

“Why?” I asked politely as if I hadn’t set the conversation up. “Are we going somewhere?”

“Haven’t we got a rescue to get to? Isn’t that what this sleeping in conversation is about?”

“Not unless you know something I don’t.”

“Then what was all this sleeping in stuff about?” Matthew had seemingly forgotten about making his coffee and he’d suddenly become very interested in the conversation we were having, which was a bit of a bummer because he hadn’t offered me coffee either.

“I was just pointing out that sleeping in wasn’t always possibly.” I smiled a sweet Dean really is the best sister in the word smile at him and added. “Honestly I thought we’d had a conversation similar to this the other day.”

“We did.” Matthew turned around to the bench and started making his coffee, obviously forgetting his manners. Then without looking at me he replied with. “And I’m going to tell you now what I should have told you then. If you need me wake me. If you have a job wake me. If you just want to have a family gabfest, wake me. But just cause I’m not awake at the same time as you every day doesn’t mean you need to razz me.”

“But razzing you is fun.” I replied.

Matthew poured the coffee in his mug, replaced the kettle on its base, then turned with coffee in hand, walked to the table, put the coffee down and sat in the chair opposite me. “So razzing your brother who came up here to spend time with you because you are so far away from the rest of the family and he cares.”

“You came up to avoid your previous job!”

He ignored me and kept talking. “He cares enough to be with you. He cares enough to help you out, is fun is it?” I nodded without saying anything figuring that if I did I was going to burst out laughing, after a few moments silence he then added. “Well how much fun is it that you’re sitting there without coffee because you were being rude and I didn’t offer you one!”

I sat in the chair looking at him, he had a smile from ear to ear, well that is the saying I don’t actually think it’s possibly to have a smile that big without some modification and alterations done, but I’m not a cosmetic surgeon. Either way he did look pretty smug with himself and where he managed to steer the conversation and I had to give him points. I did actually think he was just being forgetful in not offering his wonderful sister a coffee, but he was in fact being a smart arse.

I quietly gave him the points for that round but told him nothing in case it encouraged him to try for more points I didn’t want to freely offer.

It was in the moments of silence that followed our silly little conversation that my phone started ringing and vibrating on the table. I looked at the number on the screen it wasn’t one I recognised which probably meant it was a good thing Matthew was up.

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  1. They are adorable characters. Great job, Mr. Writer. : )

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