It was a day for visitors at the hospital and less than three hours after Inspector Fairbrother had left Sig’s room with no answers and a frustrated look on his face the door opened again. Because Sig was still on his half hourly obs having someone walk into his private room didn’t come as a surprise, what was a surprise was the person that appeared in the doorway a few minutes after 4pm.

The swinging door of the ward made a low pitched grating noise from its hinges as it was pushed inward. White light from the well lit hallway of the hospital flooded into the darkened room lit only by the light over Sig’s bed so that his mother could read her book. In the small gap of light between the door and the door hinge the head of a female appeared.

Because there was no forward shining light from the over the bed light Penelope was reading by neither her or Sig could see the features of the face peering into the room, because of the shine from outside the room they could barely even make out that it was female.

Sig opened his eyes at the sound of the door, he hadn’t been asleep but he had been enjoying the peace and quiet. His first thought when he saw the head appear in the crack of light from the open door was that a nurse coming back to do his obs, the truth was he’d lost all track of time and the nurses coming and going seemed more regular than the thirty minutes he’d been told they were. But when the head wasn’t followed immediately by it body entering the room Sig knew the person wasn’t a nurse, however he did recognise her immediately, even with her hair dyed black.

“Sig?” The soft female voice drifted across the room. “Are you awake?”

Immediately Sig heard his mother’s book hit the table beside the bed and his mother shuffle to a more upright position. Then while his mind began to register who the voice belonged too the next thing he heard was his mother’s raised and slightly angry voice from his right hand side.

“I’ve told you Sigurd is not accepting visitors. I don’t care who you say you are. You have no business here.”

“Mum, please.” Sig’s voice crackled slightly having not been used for a while but his throat was feeling better. He turned towards the door and continued to speak. “Vi, come in please.”

The door to the room opened wider, more light flooded in and the woman holding the door walked in. Although the room was still too dark to make out small details Sig knew that the woman coming towards him was a shortish girl in her mid twenties. She had long black hair, that was blonde last time he saw it and left to drape down her back, never tied up and she wore clothes that would no doubt be called frumpy by many, but to her were loose, well covering dark clothes that revealed almost nothing of her skinny stature underneath it. Her name was Violet Marshall, although she preferred to be called Vi and when she identified herself to other people she often referred to herself as Sig’s girlfriend.

Sig on the other hand referred to Vi with as few terms as possible. His feeling for Vi were strong, there was no other person in the world he had such feelings for. Although he’d never succumbed to her pleas to move in with her they often shared a bed together and sexually they were as compatible as they were in life. Well at least he thought they were. Try as he might he’d still had no luck remembering what had happened that saw him taking a swan dive off the three storey building, but the presence of Vi so soon after he woke up told him that if she wasn’t with him on that day she knew why he was there. But that was a secret he was going to have to keep until he got some time alone with her and he knew that was not going to happen while his over protective mother was keeping her bedside vigil.

“You know this girl?” Penelope said not looking at Sig but instead staring at Vi as she walked to the opposite side of the bed.

“Yes Mum. We’ve known each other for ages.” Sig was being deliberately vague, he’d never introduced his mother to Vi because he knew a simple introduction would not be enough for Penelope Destrayer, she would want to give the girl the third degree.

Vi stepped up to the bed, lent over the side rail and kissed Sig on the cheek. If Sig had seen such a move coming he’d have pulled away from the kiss because he knew upsetting Vi after being in a coma for three months was better than upsetting his mother with a kiss that she’d most definitely take as more than just a kiss of friendship, even though it was on the cheek.

Realising quickly that kissing Sig in the presence of his mother was a mistake Vi quickly started to speak before Penelope had a chance to say anything. “How are you feeling?”

“I’ve been better.” Sig replied.

“I’ve been coming by everyday,” Vi said quietly. “I’ve tried to see you every day, but…” her voice stopped.

Sig turned to look at his mother, he wasn’t sure what needed to be said but in the end nothing needed to be said by him because his mother spoke first.

“Well I didn’t know who the hell she was! She could have been a reporter or anything for all I knew. She could have been the person who pushed you off the damn roof. It’s not like you told me you had a girlfriend.” Penelope said, her voice raised and lowered several octaves as she spoke.

“Mum!” Sig’s throat rasped making the word mum sound like it ended with a low growl. “She’s not my girlfriend.” Sig wasn’t prepared to look at Vi’s face to see the look she offered at such words. “And she’s not responsible for me falling off the roof.”

“How can you be sure? You don’t remember anything.” Penelope paused then added. “Do you?”

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