“Mum,” Sigurd croaked. Despite having not spoken for a while his throat was still sore since he’d woken up from the coma, but he was able to speak more clearly as the hours went on. “What are you doing?”

“I told the doctor to keep those vultures out of here until at least tomorrow to give you a chance to recover. Those people have no consideration, they will have you talking until you’re blue in the face and unable to speak. We don’t need that!”

The irony of what his mother was saying given the way she had insisted he spoke to her so soon after waking was not lost on Sig. But just like she’d made him talk, he was prepared to let someone else do the same while he was feeling okay. He suspected he knew who the chisel faced man was and with suspicion little more than an emotion to create questions he figured answering those question sooner rather than later was better for his own mind.

“Who is that man? Is he a doctor?” Sig asked his mother expecting her to tell him he was actually a cop.

“He’s nobody.” Penelope answered without taking her eyes from the door as if some how her stare was enough to keep the man from reentering.

“Don’t be silly Mum, he’s obviously someone.”

“He’s not.” Penelope’s eyes still had not wavered from the door.

“Then why react like that? Why tell him to leave?” Sig’s throat was raspy, he knew his mother could hear it and hoped she’d offer him a sip of water but he was not going to ask for it and give her a chance to remind him that he shouldn’t be using his voice.

“He’s got no business here.”

“If that was the case why did he stick his head in the door and ask for me by name?”

“Who cares, he’s gone now and you need your rest.”

Sig decided that his mother was not going to break and that if the man with the chiselled face was a cop he wasn’t going to change his mother’s mind by simply talking it out with her, he had to tell her what he wanted.

“If it’s one of the policemen waiting to talk to me, then I want to talk to him now, Mum.”

“You’re not well enough. I can hear how much pain you are in. A mother knows best Sigurd. Now just go back to resting, he’ll still be waiting tomorrow.”

Sig’s thoughts about the man were right, his mother’s words revealed that much. “If I speak to them now they can leave me alone, Mum.”

“Shush now!” was all the reply he got.

“I want to talk to him now Mum. If you don’t go and get him I’ll use the nurse call button and get them to do it.”

Sig wasn’t usually as forceful and demanding with his mother but he really wanted to get the police off his case. The least they knew the better, but with them off his mind it was one less thing clouding his memory and stopping him figuring out exactly what had happened that ended him up in hospital and in a coma for three months.

“My name is Inspector Fairbrother, you can call me Justin.” The man with the chiselled face said as he stepped up next to Sig’s bed a few minutes later.

The inspector was a tall man who carried too much weight for his frame, his greyish blue suit hung upon his broad shoulders rather than actually fitting him and the fabric of his trousers could be heard rubbing together in the quiet room as he took every step. He was no slob but he was a man who obviously struggled to find clothes that actually fitted him. His Victorian Police Badge hung out the pocket of his suit jacket like a movie cop and his gun hostler, with gun held in it could been seen easily given his rotund shape didn’t allow for his jacket to be buttoned.

“Sigurd, Destrayer. But you obviously know that already.” Sig replied. His mother had given him a sip of iced water before the inspector had walked in he hoped to get what he could out while the water was still somewhat soothing. “I’m afraid if you are hear to ask me what happened I can not tell you Inspector, I remember nothing.”

“I already told him that!” Penelope said quickly.

“Mum please, let the inspector talk.” Sig said turning to his mother.

“Please call me Justin. Are you sure there is nothing you remember about the incident? Why you were there? Who you were with? We know someone else had to be on that roof with you.”

“Nope I’m sorry Inspector, as I told you I remember nothing.” Sig replied ignoring the request to call the Inspector by his first name.

The inspector went through a list of facts he already knew, which wasn’t much, trying to get Sig to comment, even trying to get a reaction which might have lead him in a direction, but Sig was straight faced and answered every question without giving away any information.

“Honestly Sigurd, I get the impression you know more than you are letting on. But you need to know that I can’t find out who was responsible for what happened to you without your help. I also can’t guarantee that whoever did this to you wont try again once they know you’re awake. If you tell me what’s going on, even just a name, I can get protection for you. But without even a name I can’t do anything.”

“Well Inspector I’m sorry. You do whatever you need to but I remember nothing.”

The inspector left without his answers. Penelope was left happy her son had given nothing away, but with her own questions that she wasn’t sure she wanted answers too. And Sig was left laying there trying his hardest to remember exactly what he’d been doing on that roof, not for the benefit of the Inspector but for the benefit of himself because he wanted payback.

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