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A He? Or A She?

bad poetry

Dad we know, is always one for a stir
Be it a bit of an insult, or just a slur
He’d whip out a comment without care
Equal he is, he’ll pick on both sexes fair

So I tell you again we should not be surprised
When at the dinner table he opened our eyes
He opened them wide with another silly joke
And had us laughing until we nearly croaked

“Is Google a he or a she?” was the question he asked.
Instantly I knew this question was not going to be passed
He had himself a punchline and he was going to deliver it.
Offence wasn’t his game, he didn’t even consider it.

“A she no doubt,” he replied before anyone could.
We knew the next line was coming just like it should
“She wont ever let you finish a proper sentence.
Without suggesting an idea with no hint of repentance.”

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