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The Good Captain: Island Of Gold p7

The Crew of the Privateer led by both The Good Captain and Captain Blackscuttle stood before the large and looming, stockade wall. Only moments before they had beaten a band of pirates, all clones from the same gene. They had cut, slashed, and shot their way to victory leaving the enemy laying dead at their feet. Then in a puff of smoke each and every dead body, without and ounce of blood spilled from their wounds disappeared leaving nothing.

“Wha’ now?” The Good Captain asked as he looked at Captain Blackscuttle wondering if the old pirate captain knew what they were to do next.

It was further than Captain Blackscuttle had made it on his previous attempt to beat the Island Of Gold and in truth he didn’t know what was next, much less how they were to get around the large, wooden stockade wall that had appeared in front of them before the pirates had.

“I ‘ave narry an idea me good man.” Captain Blackscuttle replied. “Hows ‘bout we start wit’ this.”

Captain Blackscuttle stepped forward out of the line, one step, a second step, and the third step brought him up to the stockade wall, its eight foot height ensuring he could not see what was on the other side. Drawing his rapier from its sheath Captain Blackscuttle, brought it forward and tapped the very tip of it on the stockade wall. The pinging of the sword tip hitting the solid wood surface could be heard eight foot either side the captain before it faded into nothingness. There was no reason, not even in his own mind why he was doing it but it seemed like the right thing to do. He then pulled the sword back, lowered his hand to his waist and thrust the sword forward in a stabbing motion.

All those close by expected to hear the clanging tip of the sword lodging itself into the timber wall but instead just like the defeated bodies than had not long ago lay before them had disappeared the stockade wall did the same thing.

Not a single pirate standing in the long line of pirates knew what to expect when the smoke from the disappearing wall cleared. Would it be more jungle, more barren wasteland or something completely different, it was impossible to tell, but that did not mean they would not ready themselves for whatever it was. However there was one thing they were not ready for and that was exactly what they got.

“I want the man who calls himself Blackscuttle!”

No one could tell where the booming voice was coming from, there was trees, there was rocks, there, there was a river, and there was a smoking volcano, a volcano many of the pirates found themselves wondering how it had gone unnoticed even from their approach over the seas. But no distinct location for where the voice originated, it was just there, just everywhere.

“This man failed to beat me before resulting in the annihilation of his crew. He has survived further this time, his knowledge obviously more advanced than it was when we first met, but it is still not enough and without a doubt the same fates await you and those coming after you.”

Pirates stood still looking for the source of the voice. Was it coming from the trees? The volcano? Where? The sky started to darken and dark clouds that were not even on the horizon seconds before rolled over the island.

“You can spare your own lives by leaving Blackscuttle behind to pay for the sins of a previous day. You can leave without coming to harm all you have to do is leave Blackscuttle to die in the same sands as he left his crew to die in.”

“That’s nah true!” Captain Blackscuttle called to the sky. “We were ambushed, ye took us out unfairly. ’twas narry a fair fight when ye used yer voodoo like magic ‘n took us unsuspectingly without warnin’.”

Captain Blackscuttle appeared to not know who he was talking to yet at the same time his words were direct and targeted.

“You were planning to loot my island of it’s gold and wealth how could ye not be expecting retaliation? How did you not suspect a fight to ensue? Even you, Captain, were not that naive!”

“In that much ye be correct!” Captain Blackscuttle called still looking up at the sky. “I be nah naive, I may once ‘ave been ‘n I shall live wit’ that fer th’ rest o’ me life. But I wont be livin’ wit’ it twice. Fer I now know that we ‘ave beaten yer challenges, got around yer mind games ‘n we ‘ave no fallen this time fer ye brain alterin’ hallucinogenic poisons in th’ air like me previous crew did. We ‘ave all but won already.”

“And how can you be so confident in your abilities Captain?” This time the majority of the pirates present would swear that the voice came from the direction of the smoking volcano.

Captain Blackscuttle didn’t even hesitate with his words. “’cause ye ‘ave but one trick left t’ deliver ‘n should I defeat that ye will be left powerless against this crew lootin’ th’ booty ye ‘ave protected fer so long that means less than naught t’ ye.” The air was filled with silence and after a few seconds Captain Blackscuttle spoke again. “See I told ye I be no longer th’ naive pirate I once was.”

Captain Blackscuttle then turned to the Good Captain, told him and his men to stand firm, turned back and then walked towards the lush green grass land that lay fifty yards in front of them. A single step before reaching the grass land he raised his rapier high in the air, pointing it skyward and yelled out in his loudest voice.

“Brin’ it on!”

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  1. Sometimes Captains can be arrogant and hotheaded?

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