“What do you remember?” Penelope Destrayer asked her son.

It wasn’t the first thing Penelope asked her son after he woke from his coma, but she did get in well before the police were able to question him about the accident.

Sig woke up at precisely 11:27:15am on March 15 2018, he’d been in a coma for nearly three months. The coma had originally been induced by the ambulance officers who attended the scene of his accident, his body was in such trauma from the fall an induced coma was deemed the only way to keep him alive. After eleven hours in surgery he came out of the operating theatre still in an induced coma.

For two weeks doctors and surgeons tried convince Penelope that bringing Sig out of the coma to see if he was strong enough to fight for himself was the best option, but Penelope would have none of it. Her selfish thinking only allowed consideration of her future plans to have Sig look after her into her twilight years, if he was not strong enough to fight his own way out of the coma that plan would be ruined. Exactly four weeks after the accident the doctors were finally able to convince Penelope to bring Sig out of the coma. Immediately Sig fought for his life, his vital signs were strong, his brain waves were strong, everything looked good expect he had not woken up and he did not wake up for nearly eight weeks after that. When Sig did wake up his mother let the doctors and nurses do their job, to their surprise, but soon enough they were alone in the hospital room, tests completed and Sig back on half hourly obs until the doctors where happy.

She had no control over the medical staff, she had no control over her son’s condition but the one thing she did have control over was when the police were allowed to visit and question Sig about the accident. Whether it was because they were tired of her and willing to agree to some of her ideas to keep her at bay or whether they truly did think it was necessary Penelope was able to get the doctors to tell the police that Sig was not fit to answer questions until the day after he woke up. That gave her precious hours to find out the truth before anyone else did, it also gave her precious hours to figure out if she could convince her son he’d lost his memory and that home was the best place for him.

“Mum, I need a water.” Sig replied to his mother through a raspy, dry throat, his voice was low and scratchy as he lay on his back in the hospital bed with tubes coming out of him.

Penelope grabbed the plastic cup of water from the bedside table with the locking drawer at the top, she stood up, leaned over her son and placed the straw in his mouth. Sig sucked the cool water down into his mouth and began to swallow.

“Not too much. A little bit at the time the doctor said.” Then Penelope pulled the straw from his mouth and returned the cup to the table.

Sig knew what the doctor had said and he wanted the heed the words but he also desperately wanted to sooth his dry and sore throat. He thought about asking for more water but he knew that he had more chance talking the doctor who told hi m not to drink into pouring water down his throat than he did talking his mother into it.

“What do you remember about the accident? What were you doing on the roof of that building?” Penelope was trying again hoping against hope that the answers she got were the ones she wanted and not the ones the police would want.

“What roof Mum? I remember nothing about a roof. What happened?” Sig’s words were still slow and slightly drawn out as his throat rasped with each movement.

When Sig started questioning where he was what had happened after waking up and finding the doctor and nurse checking him over the doctor told him what he knew. About the accident he could only tell that Sig had fallen from the roof of a three storey building, he then quickly moved on to what had happened since coming to the hospital. For Sig it was information overload and he only heard half of what the doctor had actually said. But that was fine by Sig, he was too sore and worn out to be interested in anything more than the fact that he was alive and in hospital.

However with the doctor gone, at least until the next round of obs needed to be done, that left Sig at the mercy of his mother and her questions. Unlike the doctor who was only interested in his health and his recovery he knew his mother had another interest. She wanted to know what happened and why he was on the roof. She’d tried the second the doctor had left the room and she tried again five minutes later, both times Sig had asked for a drink. The third time she asked Sig tried to mimic that he throat was too sore to talk, but he knew his mother was not going to let up.

Although Sig didn’t know the time frame it was twenty seven minutes between the first time his mother asked what he remembered and the fourth time when she finally told him he’d had too much water and he knew he had to say something. When answering his mother’s question with questions of his own he knew it wouldn’t satisfy her and that she’d keep pushing him until he gave her the answer that she thought she wanted.

But was Sig ready to tell his mother the truth?

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