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A New Story….



….is coming!

This time next week a new story will be starting. I got rid of the dead wood (well some of it) and spent some time thinking about another idea. That idea came out to be a political based story.

I’m not running commentary on any single political party in the world, so don’t connect it to anyone. I’m not taking sides in any single nation’s drama, I don’t take enough notice of world politics to be a spokesperson. I’m not even sure where it will go other than to say it wont be Madam Secretary or the West Wing, it wont even be (for those with good taste) Yes Minister. I don’t think it will be overly violent but I can’t guarantee it wont get dirty. In fact it could actually turn out to be crap and I could just as easily get sick of it and kill everyone off. Who knows.

All I know at this stage is that there is a few political leaders known not as much for their jobs as their antics to keep those jobs. An antagonist who likes to annoy those political leaders. A force not to be reckoned with. And a several strange relationships. One things for sure, this aint no Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.

Happy reading….or not I don’t mind.


  1. Hey Mate. I know you don’t need another scary story to write, but this idea is probably going to become a reality of the future.
    The new soldiers will be bred and die without feeling pain.

    I must start writing positive stories to counter your sad ones … balance in life and all that …

    • I’m not really writing sad/scary stories. The alien is generally a happy story but sad things have to happen to counter the fun he has. The Rockstar isn’t going to turn into another 27 Club story (I do have an idea for one of those) but a twisted story must have good in it somewhere. The Pirates are just pirates and they go up and down on an even keel of good and bad. Dean can’t really have too much bad happen to her and even if she does it’s not going to last for long.
      The new story is a bit different. I don’t think it will be dark and sad, sure it would be easy to kill politicians, they are all as bad as each other. And maybe it would be satisfying to do it very painfully, but I can’t see that happening because I really don’t know of a convincing way to kill a politician. I do however have idea of how to antagonise one and have common sense prevail over politician sense. It might just take a while to figure it out properly.
      I did once have an idea about a new breed of soldier but I realised I don’t know enough about the topic to fill in the details.

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