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Chequered Flag: A Snap Decision

Although Tracey did tell Danny that she had an early appointment with Francis Wayland, her psychiatrist and the woman who even Danny at one stage agreed came across as helpful, Danny had forgotten the conversation by morning.

Largely it had to do with Danny not really listening to her for the majority of the evening, he was still in pain from pushing it too hard in the simulator and his rehab and he was still pissed off about Tracey’s reaction in the car. It also pissed him off that Tracey’s reaction was in direct response to his reaction but he still believed, at least in part, that he was in the right and exploding at people like the woman who did not control her child would make her do better next time.

Whether it was petty or not Danny didn’t seem to care, he was pissed off and watching TV was more interesting to him than making any moves towards reconciliation, even if that meant peace within the house. If he ‘d been at work he would have cornered Rick and told him how inconsiderate Tracey was, how the verbal disagreement was all her fault and how inconsiderate females were when it came to doing things. But with no one else to bitch to all he could do was stew in front of the TV.

From Tracey’s perspective the night was better than she knew it could have been. She’d deliberately tried to open some dialogue in the car before they got home in the hope she wouldn’t get the silent treatment all night. However she knew that disagreeing with Danny in such a loud and vocal way, no matter how she tried to smooth things over after the fact, would end up in a degree of silence for the night.

That didn’t stop Tracey trying to talk to Danny. She didn’t push conversations on him, she didn’t try and make him talk to her, but at the same time she did ask him questions, or tell him short and to the point topics that she felt he needed to know, whether he replied to them or not. One of those topics was her early appointment with Francis.

“Why the hell didn’t you tell me about this earlier?” Danny said with a mouthful of cereal just after Tracey walked back into the kitchen dressed in a casual skirt and top combo that told Danny she wasn’t going to her appointment.

“I did tell you last night.” Tracey said calmly and without raising her voice.

“Then why don’t I remember? I’ve got rehab at 10:15.”

Tracey knew there was no answer to that question that would make the situation better, Danny had either ignored her when she was speaking the previous night or he’d forgotten, either way reminding him was only going to upset him.

“Well I’m sorry, but I can’t cancel. You are welcome to come with me, just like you did the other time,” Tracey would have liked Danny to come along but she hadn’t been game to suggest it since making the appointment. ”Francis would be more than happy to talk to both of us. Then I can take you straight to rehab afterwards.”

“She hasn’t got a good record for being on time, has she?” It didn’t matter that Danny had only seen Francis once, because she ran late on that day it was good enough for him to suggest it was a regular thing. With such a comment he was also able to successfully avoid addressing his presence in the session as well.

“I’ve got her first appointment for the morning. She wont be late!”

Tracey knew the timing would be tight, getting out from Francis office even a few minutes later than her 10am finish time would make their fifteen minute trip to the hospital tight for Danny to make his appointment on time. But a few minutes was not going to be a big issue she didn’t think, and if worst came to worst, she could cut Francis’ appointment short by ten minutes to give them the buffer zone. But Danny was having none of it, he’d made up his mind that he had something to be upset about and that no plans were going to work and he stuck to it.

“Don’t worry. I’ll get someone from work to take me. Then I’ll go to work afterwards and put in some more time in the sim.”

“Are you sure. I’m happy to take you, even if we cut Francis short by a few minutes.”

Hearing Tracey mention Francis again reassured Danny that he was not going to agree to Tracey’s plans. “I said don’t worry about it. I’ll get there and then I’ll get to work afterwards.”

“Alright, but I’ll have my phone with me if you need me.”

Danny was happy for the peace when Tracey finally walked out the door. He was still annoyed that the first he was hearing about Tracey’s appointment was ten minutes before she was leaving. It didn’t matter how he was going to get to rehab Tracey should have told him earlier.

He stood up from the table, his leg was still sore but it was pain that was manageable and around the house where he could get around slowly he wasn’t even using the crutches. He stepped away from the table, realised he’d left his breakfast bowl where he’d been sitting, then turned around to grab it. As he turned to his left he hit his sore knee, right where the wound was, on the leg of the table.

He screamed. “ARGH! Fucken hell!”

Instantly thoughts of taking the plate to the sink were gone from his mind as he hobbled into the lounge room to collapse of the couch.

Danny rubbed his sore leg lightly for several minutes trying to make the pain ease but it was a stubborn throb that lingered. After laying there for nearly half an hour, moving a little bit Danny finally snapped out of his pain induced trance, climbed off the couch and hobbled into the kitchen. It was in the kitchen he made a snap decision that should never have been made.

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