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Rigabold: Heading Out To The Highway

As Rigabold the pernicketness steered the big Dodge Ram into the town of Ceduna he read the screen of the GPS which gave him a bit of a run down of the town and what to expect there. Multiple options were presented to him for possible options to get some Chiko Rolls, the first of which, a twenty four hour roadhouse, approached on the right hand side of the road as he read the information on the screen.

He pulled the Dodge into the parking area of the BP roadhouse, there was no defined parking spots, other than around the pumps. Rigabold didn’t need fuel in his Dodge like most people would so he decided parking at the pumps was not a good idea, instead he parked under a tree between the car park and the road figuring the shade from the tree would keep the car a little bit cooler from the warming sun.

Before heading into the roadhouse Rigbold read the rest of the information on his screen. He got the location of shops and service stations where Chiko Rolls were possible and a percentage rating taking into account many different factors for how likely the availability of said delicacy was. The service centre he was parked at rated a 98% chance of getting four or more Chiko Rolls which Rigabold was happy about. He also got locations for the first two holes of the Nullarbor Links Golf Course which were both conveniently located at the Ceduna Golf Course, a place which would be open by the time he got there.

The other item of worthiness that Rigabold’s GPS told him was that some of the locals in the town of Ceduna had a “share and share alike” attitude, as in if you walk away from something, anything, you are essentially sharing it with the community, even if it’s locked down, bolted, chained and cemented to the ground. Such an attitude was a bit new to Rigabold, of course he’d read about the need of some people to steal on Earth but with the concept and idea of stealing not something that happened Tumcuddula it was something he had little experience with and didn’t want to more. As with most towns it was only a small percentage of Cedunians who chose the share and share alike attitude but it reminded Rigabold to set his security system on the Dodge, something he hadn’t needed since leaving Perth.

“Damn Buddy! Surely you can find something better to feed you family on than this crap!” the burly man in the green shirt with the long black hair behind the counter at the roadhouse said to Rigabold after he ordered ten Chiko Rolls.

A comment like that or similar was something Rigabold had been expecting since his first order of Chiko Rolls. He didn’t expect humans to understand the real health benefits of Chiko Rolls, their primitive digestive systems and feeble organs just could cope with such things, and wouldn’t be able to for years to come. But it did seem that the reaction of locals did escalate the further around the country he got.

“Not for a family sir.” Rigabold said politely. “They’re all for me, I haven’t eaten since Nundroo!”

The look on the man’s face was one of disbelief, he didn’t know if Rigabold was joking or if he was serious.

“Are you sure you really want ten or is this some sort of silly joke? Am I part of some sort of practical joke? Is there a camera on me?” The man asked sliding his hand through his long hair and using his fingers as a comb.

“Sir, I assure you there is no camera and I am serious. I’d like ten Chiko Rolls and I am prepared to wait for them to be cooked. I’d also like a spearmint mo…” Rigabold caught himself before saying the more appropriate Tumcuddulan term of Moo Juice. “milkshake please.”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like a dozen hotdogs too?” The man asked obviously joking but also not very politely.

“No sir,” Rigabold remained polite. “I don’t need your dogs, just the Chiko Rolls and the drink please.”

Ten minutes later Rigabold was back in the Dodge and headed towards the Golf Course. He was fairly certain that the man at the roadhouse had charged him more than he was due for the food and drink but after the conversation they’d shared before the cooking began Rigabold just couldn’t be bothered arguing, especially not since money came so easily to him.

He munched on one Chiko Roll as he drove, the other nine sat in a box on the passenger seat being kept warm by the multi-zone heating and cooling system which could pin point anywhere in the truck’s cabin and regulate the temperature.

Oyster Beds and Denial Bay were the two holes at the Ceduna Golf Course which Rigabold was interested in for his Nullarbor Golf Links diary. Both were named after local tourist spots and both looked relatively easy because of their straight fairway and minimal hazards.

With his information noted down Rigabold then made a decision which of the other places he’d visit for some Chiko Rolls. Looking at the screen as he bit into his third Chiko he decided to choose two places that had a higher than eight five percent chance of getting one or more of his cooked delicacy. With the means of keeping them warm he wasn’t worried about buying extra Chikos before leaving town, he just wished he’d remembered the warming capabilities of the Dodge before he’d gotten half way around the country.

By a time that most people would be sitting down for lunch Rigabold had the Dodge parked in a truck pull over bay on the outskirts of the township of Ceduna. He was sipping his Moo Juice between Chikos, he had fifteen more Chikos staying warm on the front seat which had him prepared for next leg of his journey. He also had his special cooling box on the back seat ready to make Pollywaffles for him should he require it and the sun was overhead and well truly pumping a heat of nearly forty degrees into the cabin. However Rigabold still had one more decision to make.

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