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Looking For Something

bad poetry

I was looking for something to kill time
Something just to entertain my mind
I was always up for a bit of a blast
And perhaps I could have a few laughs

I didn’t want no game of tennis
But I was up for being a menace
I was sick of living in a bubble
But I was happy to cause some trouble

I went to a sex addicts anonymous meeting
Wondering if there’d be any spare seating
I got bored and I was out of luck
Because no one there wanted to give a fuck


  1. Glad to see you back on the reader, and your poetry is fun.

    • Thanks, but I didn’t know I wasn’t on the reader. WP is screwed lately, offering stupid and pointless awards for things that don’t exist, stupid updates for self hosting. I haven’t actually written anything for two weeks and the way WP carries on I’m not sure I want to.

      • I see you are still a fan of WP : ))How are you?

        • To be fair I only use it to post my waffle. I don’t buy into the likes and follows thing and therefore I don’t do much to support their system. But when the system gives me feel good awards for posting 6 days in a row when I haven’t posted in a row I do laugh at the stupidity of the awards.

          I’m okay, keeping on keeping on. How about you?

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