She just jumped on a plane
Paid no attention to me
Gave me no notice
But her goodbyes sure were sweet
Said she’s gonna write
Maybe call me up
She checked her bags
And then she broke my heart
She kissed my cheek
And told me not to keep in touch

Rigabold the pernicketness wasn’t quite understanding what the GPS in his dashboard was trying to tell him with the song it was playing. According to the screen it was suppose to be a song based on what he was seeing but to him it sounded like the singer was saying goodbye to his girlfriend, and Rigabold definitely wasn’t doing that.

He’d been noticing a few issues with the GPS since leaving Perth two days prior. As a GPS it appeared faultless, as it should have been, but as an entertainment system it did seem to be having issues. He was sure it was set for geo-loco-syncation which was fancy talk for the machine syncing the location he was with some local music that related to the area. However the music since leaving Perth just hadn’t matched what he was seeing, doing, or his location, as it had on the trip down from where he parked the Stargazer. A lot of the time it seemed to be playing only ambient music and even with that it had gotten to the point where half the time Rigabold wasn’t even noticing it was turned on.

Because he was fine driving without the music, most of the time, Rigabold had decided not to do anything about fixing it, but if it was going to make mistakes and relate songs about saying goodbye to his girlfriend as songs that fitted in with his current location he figured he’d have to make some sort of effort to pull the thing apart before long.

It was just as he was thinking about what tools he needed to pull the system out and what he’d need to do to dismantle it that things became a bit clearer.

I said the Rising Sun just stole my girl away
The Rising Sun just stole my girl away
The Rising Sun just stole my girl
I’m gonna catch a plane and steal her back again
The Rising Sun just stole my girl away

“Maybe the thing’s not are snuckcuggered as I thought” Rigabold thought to himself as the chorus of the song Rising Sun by the Australian band Cold Chisel played through the system.

Rigabold let the song play through as he drove on staring at the huge ball of orange rising directly in front of him. He once again thanked no-one specific for the advancements in Tumcuddulan science that gave them perfect vision under such harsh conditions, conditions he knew humans looking at the same sight would struggle with.

Even without the description on the screen once the song finished, which should have happened as the song started, Rigabold knew the song wasn’t a perfect fit for the situation he was driving into because it was about the singer saying goodbye to his girlfriend or wife as she boarded a plane to Japan. The screen went on to explain that the lead singer wrote the song because he’d had a fight with his wife or girl friend and she fled from Australia back to her parents in Japan, the land of the rising sun, and that he was going to jump on a plane to steal her back again.

“Well did he get her?” Rigabold said to the empty vehicle, he was talking to the GPS of course.

The GPS seemingly was ignoring Riagbold’s request then by the time he was finishing his third egg and bacon roll the GPS produced an answer on the screen. It turned out that it was a happy ending after all, the person who wrote the song, a man named Jimmy Barnes, did ‘steal her back again’ they married a year later and were still together forty years later with a band of singing kids and grand kids all equally as talented.

Rigabold felt overwhelmed with the information the GPS was able to give him and he was sure should he manage to find himself in some kind of pub trivia night, whatever the hell that was, he’d have some knowledge no one else did. However as faulty as the GPS had been appearing he couldn’t fault it for what it produced, he did ask for the information he got.

For the remainder of his fifty five kilometre trip between Nundroo Road house and Penong Rigabold sat in silence, the GPS suggested nothing and he asked for nothing. The sun got higher as he drove and he noticed that the few cars which were travelling in the same direction suddenly got a bit braver as they could see more road and less of that big orange ball in the sky because they were less hesitant to overtake the Dodge.

His next stop was Penong, a small town which according to the GPS was little more than a road house, a police station, a school and a few houses. He didn’t hold out much hope for getting a decent feed of Chiko Rolls but Penong did have the third hole of the Nullarbor Links Golf Course so he had to stop anyway.

About three kilometres out of town Rigabold was slightly amused to see that two of the speedsters that figured the speed limits didn’t apply to them had been stopped by a policeman on the side of the road. It amused him that the two speesdsters who when looking into the rising sun took a fair bit of time to get the courage up to overtake, then sped off into the distance as if they were late for their own funeral had been pulled over both by the same police officer and at the same time.

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