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Dry Feet

“You know some days I cant dry my feet.”
Dad told the doctor sitting in his seat
“Some days it’s just an impossible task.
Honestly doc, is it too much to ask?”

“Drying your feet should not be impossible.”
The doctor said while sucking a popsicle
“Don’t get me wrong, or be offended, mate,
but perhaps you just need to loose weight.”

“Bending over would be easier,
and definitely much less wheezier,
if you loose some of those kilos.”
The doc said, almost talking in prose.

“Doc, you are hearing me a bit incomplete.
I said, Sometimes it’s impossible to dry my feet,”
Doc didn’t realise Dad was talking tongue in cheek.
“Like for instance when I’m standing in a creek!”


  1. Maybe he just needs to stop fishing so much?

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