“You’re a fucking patsy Dave.” Danny replied red faced and angry.

“I beg your pardon?” Dave knew that Danny meant he was being walked over by some one and making his decision based on pleasing someone else, it was the way the comment was delivered that Dave was questioning.

“A fucking patsy, a walk over.” Danny was still angry.

“I know what a patsy is Danny. What I don’t know is where you think you get off throwing down an insult like that to your boss.”

“Oh don’t throw that bullshit at me. You know I’m good for the race but you’re letting someone else piss in your pocket. Who is it? Who’s paying you to keep me out of the race?”

Had Dave not been both a friend to Danny as well as a boss he’d have sacked him on the spot for displaying such an attitude. But Dave himself was prone to the occasional outburst or tantrum and he knew exactly what Danny was going through. However that didn’t mean he had to put up with it.

“You and I go back a long way Danny, don’t fuck that up by letting your ego get ahead of your ability.” Danny tried to interrupt Dave’s words but Dave wouldn’t let him. “Keep your mouth shut, I’m talking and you are listening. And you are listening because you are an employee of this company, an employee that can be sacked for the sort of behaviour you are displaying.”

“You wouldn’t sack me!” Danny growled. At the same time he lent across Dave’s desk, hands firmly planted in the centre of the desk and Danny leaning forward as if getting closer to Dave’s face was going to scare him some how.

Such a response was known in Australia, and possibly other parts of the world, as writing a cheque you knew your arse couldn’t cash. Danny himself knew that he was sackable, even without his contract expiring his employment conditions, like most people, included behavioural clauses that forbid such behaviour and abuse towards fellow employees.

“And you know that’s not true Danny. Your ability to drive does not give you privileges above anyone else. We went through this eighteen months ago when you went off the rails.”

“Yeah and you didn’t sack me then. Because you know those who pay the bills fucking need me in the seat.”

“No. You didn’t get the sack then because we knew what you were going through and wanted to help. Right now we want to help you back into the car but we aren’t going to do it while you act like a spoilt brat. Now stand down and cool it before you make the biggest mistake of your career.”

Danny lifted his hands off Dave’s desk and stood upright, he was still mad, upset and irate but he knew better than to push Dave. Of course he didn’t agree with what Dave was saying, he didn’t have to, but he remembered what happened eighteen months ago and he knew Dave words were serious. He also knew that he’d pushed Dave about as far as it was possible to push him without actually suffering any ill consequences.

However Danny’s biggest problem was that while he didn’t agree with Dave’s comments about attitude, anger and behaviour he knew the words spoken about his injury were right. He’d been feeling it the last few days, he knew his recovery was progressing and progressing well but it was not progressing fast enough. If he was forced to be honest with himself even he wouldn’t have put money on himself being ready for MacDonnells, but no one got anywhere in life without a positive attitude and that was what he’d been trying to do. What he hadn’t expected was for Murray Vicra to see through that positive attitude, or to reveal an even worse one below it. He’d actually expected Murray to pass him then he’d fool the doctor from the racing commission who wouldn’t know him from a bar of soap.

Danny put his hands up in the air as if to surrender. “Ok, Ok, I give in. I’ll do what you want.”

“Danny, mate!” Dave started. “It’s not just what I want. It’s what you should want to. If you fuck that knee up because we let you go early you could be dealing with it for the rest of your life. You know that as well as I do. And you can hate me all you like but I’m not prepared to risk that while I have any say in it.”

Just like Dave knew when he could let loose with a bit of swearing, or when he could let his temper flow he also knew how to talk Danny down. After letting the conversation get as far as it did he was turning it around and playing on his personal feelings for Danny in the hope Danny would remain calm and not push another outburst.

“I don’t have to be happy with this sort of treatment though!” Danny said almost as if that little bit of defiance was some how winning the argument.

“Mate, I don’t blame you for being unhappy and I wouldn’t expect anything less. You had shit luck with that Lambo and now you are paying for it. I know you and I know you don’t give up. I expect you to be fiery. I expect you to work hard and I expect you to be fight. But mate,” Dave’s voice had turn to full on condolence, “let’s not do this dance again. We’ve gone through too much over the years to fuck each other over with attitude and anger.”

Danny simply nodded at the comment, almost as if that anger and rage had been replaced with a scared little boy who’d just been caught doing wrong. “So what now?”

“Why don’t you go and clock some time in on the sim and see how your leg copes.” Danny looked up and smiled at Dave, the crack was finally closing between them. “But not too much ok!”

Danny nodded in agreement. “Hey I need someone to take me to rehab this arvo, save Tracey from coming down. You ok letting someone take me down an hour before knock off?”

“I’m sure Rick wont mind. Ask him when you see him. If he wont let me know and I’ll do it!”

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