Sex, lust and alcohol
Suddenly I had it all
Instantly I needed more
More I had, I was in thrall
Standing high, standing tall.

Opening My Eyes. M.S 1988

There was a saying going around in the 80’s, it may have been around before then I don’t really know its origins, that went something like “he’s young, dumb, and full of cum,” well truer words have never been spoken. It seemed that after waking up that morning with a woman beside me I could not be sated of the appetite for sex and whenever I got it I was able to stand up and be counted. I might have had ideas of grandeur related to my first performance and I might have grown up a bit since leaving home, but I was still a kid, a kid getting his rocks off so I think it was expected that I had a few ideas about how good I was.

It’s probably the misconception of every young boy out there, and who knows maybe girls as well, that they are good at sex when they start. For me it was because I had an older woman, I managed to perform whenever she asked me too and each time I did perform I made her cum before I did. It was my delusion that I was welcome to it because I didn’t know, or care about faking orgasms, and I was told no different. For me, hearing her moan and tell me how good I was told me that I was doing a good job, and honestly that was all that mattered.

In Australia women talked around bars about a thing called the “Foster’s Flop”, or a “Brewers Droop,” there was probably other names for it as well but they were the main ones. If you aren’t sure what they are it’s when a man can’t get aroused because he’s had too much to drink, too much to drink was often attributed to too much beer and in the 70’s and 80’s the beer of choice for Aussie was Fosters larger. Well that’s what they told us in their ads anyway, in truth we exported that shit out of the country and forced it on foreigners while we drank real beer.

Anyway that got off the point I was trying to make, what I was trying to say was that “Fosters Flop” and the other names associated with it never happened to me. It’s not an abnormal thing apparently many high functioning alcoholics and drug users perform every day tasks seemingly unaffected. After only one day of heavy drinking I wasn’t a high functioning alcoholic but it did seem that alcohol did not affect me the way it affected many others. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying they didn’t affect me, just that I was still able to perform most tasks while under the influence of such. By the time I was twenty I’d realise there was some tasks I performed well while there was other tasks I performed very badly, it was a strange spiral no one could have predicted but that was another time and another place.

Anyway, in all honesty I couldn’t have been too bad at sex at that time in Steve’s house because before I even knew the name of girl who took my virginity we were at it a second time. After the second time I learnt that her name was Andrea, I also learnt that she was twenty one, had been coming around to Steve house for about six months longer than me and had been eyeing me off since the moment I arrived. Well that’s what she told me anyway.

Andrea was a nice girl, probably better than I deserved, not because I was some sort of devil with a bad luck charm around my neck but because she was a nice girl who seemed to me to have everything going for her, why she chose me I never found out. By day she was a receptionist at some insurance company I never remembered the name of and by night she was mine, actually by day sometimes she was mine too!

She was only just taller than me and she wore quite a bit of make up along with a perfume that announced her arrival often before she was seen. I wasn’t overly taken by the make up and perfume but I also didn’t complain. She was a little bit overweight, and don’t get me wrong here that’s not a complaint, I liked the way she looked when she was naked and that make up had been wiped away. Her breasts were much bigger than my hands, which probably doesn’t say much since I was fifteen years old, and her nipples were some of the biggest I would ever see.

I’m not sure what sort of picture that paints for you but for me it painted a picture of beauty. I honestly didn’t know what love was having never really felt it or dealt it, but what I felt for Andrea was definitely more than just lust.

So there I was at fifteen, only a few weeks from my sixteenth birthday, I was working for a sound and lighting company that put on gigs for some of the city’s leading bands, I had a constant stream of alcohol coursing through my body and if that wasn’t enough I had begun dating a gorgeous woman nearly six years older than me who seemed to want sex every time I walked into the room. Honestly how could I not think I was doing everything right?

Andrea taught me a lot of things in the four months we dated but I have to say most of what she taught me was in the first few weeks and nearly all of that was in the bedroom. She taught me how drink shots out of her belly button, something everyone needs to know I’m sure. She taught me how a kiss could involve more than just lips. She taught me that touch can sometimes be as erotic and sensual as sex, she even taught me where to touch and that it was not the same for all women. She taught me what else I could do with my tongue. But most of all what she taught me was that sex was not just about pushing a cock inside something and fucking it. I know to some that might sound crass but I think I warned you early on that this wasn’t always going to be a pretty ride.

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