“What time do you want to do your rehab today?” Tracey asked Danny over breakfast.

It was Sunday, race day, and with the race starting at 2pm and not finishing until around five his second therapy session would have to be shifted. Too early and he ran to risk of bringing it too close to his morning session, too late and he might not want to do it, but missing the race wasn’t really an option.

“I suppose I could do the morning one early and then I’ll get some in before the start of the race.” Danny replied.

“What ever you think is best.” Tracey said knowing it was better to agree and go along with Danny than upset him, especially with the thoughts she knew would already be going through his head. “Just tell me what time you want me to take you up to the hospital and I’ll be ready.”

“Ring Nurse Ratched,” Danny still wasn’t getting along that well with the rehab nurses and they all copped the same Cuckoo’s Nest nickname because of it, “and tell her I’m coming in early. Tell her I’ll be there at 9.”

Tracey said nothing in response, the order and the insinuation that the nurses were there just for Danny’s benefit was not something that would be change by making any sort of statement.

Danny hobbled off towards the bedroom to get himself dressed as Tracey picked up her phone and started to dial the hospital. Although Danny shouldn’t have been consumed with the idea of where his car was going to finish the race and whether Sam would leave the car in one piece he was a racing car driver, it was going to happen. He understood his obligations regarding his rehab and getting his knee better but he also understood what being sidelined meant. It meant no championship points and the only upside he could think of from that situation was that his main rival Fittzy was also not going to get any due to his suspension. The team was making sure they were getting their best chance to continue in the team points category for the year by making sure the car was on the track but even that was little consequence to Danny, without him the team had no shot at winning the team championship anyway, at least that’s what he thought.

Danny didn’t begrudge his team for racing Sam in his absence, all teams did it, even Fittzy’s team had a rookie driver racing in his car during his suspension in order to keep accruing team points. But Sam was not a seasoned driver and because of that Danny could not get the thought out of his head that his car would not finish the race in one piece. The fact that the team could rebuild a car from a major accident in the workshop in two days, even the Lamborghini he crashed which put him out of racing his own car only took a day and a half to rebuild, had nothing to do with things. His mind told him Sam was a risk to his racing car and that was it, even if he could do nothing about it.

While Tracey might not have been privy to all those thoughts and images rattling through Danny’s mind she understood his tension, understood his angst and understood just how the day was effecting him. She also knew that there was little she could do for him other than be there and support him.

By the time she’d made the call Danny was standing in the kitchen, leaning on his crutches looking as if he was ready to go to rehab. There was no question of whether Tracey had been able to get him into the hospital rehab early he just assumed she’d done it. Thankfully she had.

His early morning rehab session went as expected, there was some pain, but there was also some good progress. When Tracey returned to pick Danny up he was walking by himself, assisted by crutches, and not wincing in pain. Whether it was the anxiety of race day or nerves she wasn’t sure but it was the first time since the incident with the nurse and the extra weight, which he still hadn’t admitted to Tracey was his fault, that he walked from rehab by himself without the hint of pain. It was a good sign.

At home Danny watched the warm up races, the support races and all the pre race interviews, several times when the commentators talked about Sam and Force 10 Danny got edgy in his lounge chair but for the most part he sat quietly. When Tracey delivered his lunch to him in the same chair in front of the TV she could tell he was slightly upset, not throw things at the TV upset, just a little grouchy. Not that she expected to hear it but there was no thank you as she handed him a plate with several sandwiches on it but there was a grunt.

“Is something wrong?” She asked.

“Sam’s times have dropped, he’s got no chance in the Race For Pole if he cant get them up.”

“Oh okay, well I hope he improves.”

Tracey didn’t renter the room again until 1pm when she decided she needed to ask Danny about his second rehab session. She hadn’t been watching the racing coverage like Danny had but she had been trying to keep tabs on it from the other room as she went about tidying the house. From what she could tell the news wasn’t entirely bad, Sam had managed to get the car up to fifth on the grid in the Race For Pole, although she had heard the snippet of one interview with him saying the car was under steering.

Had Danny’s rehab not been so important she’d have left him to watch the TV hoping things got better but with an hour until the flag dropped she knew he needed a reminder sooner rather than later.

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