“Gotta be a vehicle.” Nick said as all three of us looked towards the south where we could see a light of some sort coming through the darkness. We could also see a glow from the fire that was but it had well and truly died down from what it was.

If you remember we were at Gibb Airport and we’d managed to take down Mr Growly man and his Indonesian friend who flew into the unmanned airport hoping to offload their drugs and get away without being seen. Thankfully an eagle eyed fisherman and border security saw to it not being that easy and some sort of unforeseen problem with their welcome committee helped.

Anyway we have my wonderful and heroic brother Matthew to thank for saving our lives from the grips of death. He swooped in at the last second, as both mine and Nick’s lives hung in the balance, as we were about to take our lasts breaths, and saved our lives. Honestly he deserves a medal and I will thank him every day off my life!

There we go, that should satisfy Matthew for the effort he made throwing a rock while Nick and I were being heroic! Now back to regular transmission.

“Whatever it is still has to be a few clicks away.” I responded.

“Yeah, four, maybe five kilometres.” Nick said judging the distance by how much of light we could see as it rose up and down on the horizon. Given that the last three kilometres of road into the airport was dead flat we obviously both figured our distances weren’t a bad guess.

“Ok, so who is?” Matthew asked. “The good guys or the bad guys?”

“It’s a good question.” I said turning to face Nick. “Even going by Sam’s prediction about how long it would take them to get out here, they should be close.”

“And going by his prediction his crew are extremely late.” Nick said pointing at Growly man.

Unfortunately giving the guy attention also gave him the thought that we wanted to hear from him again and sure enough what he delivered was nothing short of the expected barrage of F words and even a few C words thrown in for good measure. The basic gist of it was that they were his men and we were dead, the same crap he’d been sprouting for a while, it made me wish we’d gagged him.

“Well we’ve got a few minutes until we find out for sure. I say we prepare ourselves for the worst and hope for the best.” Nick said.

Nick’s plan was of course a good one and in an ideal world we’d have had time to do things like move his cop truck put of sight, move Mr Growly man and his mates out of the way and place ourselves in a position to ambush whoever was coming. But as we know things aren’t often perfect.

“Even if these idiots,” Nick pointed at Growly man again but this time the idiot didn’t respond, “didn’t toss the keys to my truck over there somewhere,” Nick tilted his head towards the bushes Matthew had been using for cover, “it wouldn’t be easy hiding this thing.”

He was right with the reflective tape along the sides and no undercover area hiding the cop truck would be difficult.

“Ok, so let’s not hide it. Let’s make it visible and let’s make it so that it’s unmistakably a cop truck.” I said.

“What have you got in mind?” Nick asked.

Our hero was taking a well deserved break and letting Nick and I do all the thinking for the next steps but he did listen as I told them of my plan.

Since we couldn’t drive the cop truck out of the way my plan was to turn it side on to the entry road so that as soon as the oncoming vehicle’s headlights hit it the police stickers would reflect back at them and let them know who was here. At the same time we’d retie Mr Growly Man and his friends to the the side steps where they would have two choices when the saw the on coming lights, to close their eyes or be blinded. We would then scatter ourselves in three different locations, with our weapons loaded and ready to fire so that even if a group of people got out of whatever vehicle was coming we’d have a fair chance of having them covered. Then if they were foe we’d take them down, hopefully not needing to fire a bullet, or if they were friendly we’d reveal ourselves.

It was agreed that my plan was a decent one and one that for the most part kept us safe so when the lights of the on coming vehicle could no longer be seen brightly on the horizon, indicating they were on the flat road, we set about out task. Thankfully Nick’s truck didn’t have a steering lock, country cops don’t get the limousines, and it was a manual which made our task easier.

Indonesian man and the poor guy with the headache moved quite easy and barely even needed securing to the tower while we moved the cop truck. Growly man however just had to put up a struggle as we went to untie him so we left him tied to the bullbar and moved the truck with him still tied to it. For his trouble when we had the cop truck in position instead of tying him to the side step we left him tied to the bar, then tied his foot to the driver’s door frame with the length of rope that lifted his foot off the ground and almost hung him where we wanted him. It must have been extremely uncomfortable but he should have been nicer to us, besides he wasn’t going to suffer any lasting damage. Again the two side kicks of Mr. Growly man posed us no threat as we retied them to give them a front row seat for the happenings that were about to go down.

Nick, Matthew and I then selected our hiding spots. I chose the old tin box, come waiting shed, come passenger terminal which was nothing more than three walls, a roof and a wooden seat. The oncoming vehicle would pass me first but would not see me until I chose to make myself visible. Matthew chose the bushes where he’d hidden himself before his heroic antics, and Nick chose to hide in the comms tower. As the cop it was decided he probably should be the closest to where we hoped the vehicle would stop.

In our positions all we had to do was wait, and we didn’t have long to do that.

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