Even before the weekend arrived Tracey knew that Danny would be anxious and on edge until Sunday afternoon. He was first and foremost a racer, it was his job and unfortunately like many professional sportsmen it was his life and when he couldn’t race while others could he didn’t like it. Tracey didn’t begrudge him such feelings, she’d known from the second they’d started dating she would always take a back seat to racing but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t at least try to make his weekend comfortable.

With his injury getting better but still requiring both rehab and rest she knew that getting away from town for the weekend wasn’t the answer, especially not with the majority of the race weekend televised. She also knew that no matter how hard it was going to be for him to watch someone else racing his car around the track, because the team would be racing for team points whether he was the driver or not, he would not venture far from the lounge when the telecast was on. All she could do was make sure she was there for him.

Since the incident in the hospital with the incompetent rehab nurse Tracey had noticed a difference in Danny’s approach to rehab. He still remained keen to do it but he seemed reluctant to increase his efforts without being pushed. She didn’t get to see him during his rehab session each time but she did get to see him with the nurse before and after the session and since he was down to one rehab session at the hospital and one at home she was able to keep some tabs on his progress. It was progress, there was no doubt about that, it just didn’t appear to be as fast as Danny himself had once hoped.

The qualifying practise sessions on Thursday and Friday were only telecast in a greatest hit package late in the evening of both days. It was a telecast that only went for ninety minutes with ads and therefore showed very little of what actually went on for the first two days of the racing meet, for that reason Danny had been on and off the phone all day to anyone who would talk to him.

In total on Thursday the car spent less than two hours on the track, even less than that at actual race pace yet Danny rang Rick five times looking for updates on the car, the pace and how the fill-in driver, Sam Wadsworth, an up and coming driver with the Force 10 team, was preforming. Friday the car spent a little more time on the track and a little more time at race pace with Sam getting more confident behind the wheel. The number of calls Danny made also increased and when Rick wouldn’t answer his phone, Danny didn’t know if he’d turned it off to avoid him or was busy, he started to ring Dave. By 4pm Dave had been ridden about as much as he could handle and told Danny to stop ringing and that any updates would be rang through to him. Of course Danny objected but he was more fearful of Dave and Dave’s tone over the phone where he couldn’t see the man’s facial gestures than he was in person so he heeded his bosses warning and stopped ringing.

Saturday was a bit easier for Danny to handle, his first rehab session was at 10:30am, it ran for an hour which meant by the time he got home, just before noon, he had plenty of time to prop himself up in the lounge for the start of the telecast at 12pm. He also had time, on the trip home from the hospital, to place his lunch order with Tracey so that his viewing wouldn’t be interrupted by having to leave the room with the big screen TV.

Tracey wasn’t fond of being ordered to make lunch, just as Danny would not have been fond of her ordering him to do things should their roles be reversed, but at the same time she also knew that getting lunch was a task done easier without Danny limping around the kitchen.

Because Danny knew exactly what happened on a Saturday race day at the track he also knew what to expect from the live telecast and he was able to time his toilet breaks, and even his afternoon rehab session for times of lull that didn’t interest him.

Tracey checked on him multiple times during the afternoon as she pottered around the house, cleaning up, preparing dinner, paying bills on the computer and other such tasks. Over all she was pleasantly surprised by Danny’s effort during the afternoon. He’d yelled at TV a few times, from what Tracey could tell Sam had made a few mistakes during practise, but in general things were peaceful and pleasant even if Danny’s bloody pressure might have been higher than it needed to be for someone resting in front of the TV.

When the telecast finished just before dinner time Danny’s phone rang, true to his word Dave was ringing Danny to keep him updated. For twenty minutes Tracey heard Danny’s side of a two way conversation about the events of the afternoon. He really had very little to complain about, his car might not have been on pole position as he figured he’d have landed it, but it was in one piece, it was fast and Sam would be starting the Sunday race some where in the top ten depending on his run in the Dash For Pole.

While there was obvious sadness and a large dose of annoyance that Danny himself couldn’t be in the car he really did seem happy that Sam and the team had managed to get the car is such a good position for Sundays race. Tracey couldn’t help but hope things kept going so well the following day and Sam managed to bring some kind of justice to what was a ruined weekend for Danny.

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