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Outback Rescue: Gibb Airport p15

I don’t know what happened down below the communication tower other than a thump and groan of a man falling about five metres and hitting a hard, dry, red dirt ground. It wasn’t the kind of fall that would necessarily kill a person unless they landed awkwardly but like I say I wasn’t sure what else happened because we had a few things of our own to deal with.

When Growly man collapsed to the wooden deck of the comms tower I wasn’t exactly sure what had happened. Even when the largish rock bounced on the floor I wasn’t sure but by the time that same rock bounced again, and bounced a third time into the camp light I was starting to get the picture. Then it when dark and I had no picture.

Like when we were creeping around in the bushes on the ground the moon wasn’t a great help to us, especially in those first few moments of immediate darkness while the eyes adjusted. But I didn’t really need the light because I had the scene before things went dark emblazoned on my retinas and I just reacted.

In case you haven’t worked it out the rocks that took out Growly man and his Indonesian mate, besides being extremely accurate and unbelievably lucky, where thrown by Matthew. I guess I didn’t know this at the time the light went out but I probably suspected it and reacted accordingly.

Growly man fell less than half a metre from my boots, I didn’t allow myself to think that the rock to the head or the fall had knocked him out I just reacted. It was an odd shuffle on my backside away from the wall of the comms tower and directly to where my mind told me the guy’s head was and I just started lashing out with my feet. In the sitting position, because I didn’t think about getting up as time moved so quickly, I repeatedly thrust my feet forward until I found something that resisted them, it didn’t take long, then I started pounding my feet up and down on it. The groans of pain and the screams told me I was hitting the desired target.

“Are you two ok?” the voice broke through the darkness like a bullhorn and it belonged to Matthew.

“I will be once I pound the living shit out of Growly man here!” I called back.

I’d like to say all that happened because of rational thought and a clear mind but honestly it was all just blind reaction to the situation, oh and probably a mighty big dose of pissed offedness if I can coin my own new phrase.

Growly man was screaming and writhing below my feet but I was not giving up and even when he tried to move my feet pounding into him with my heavy boots restricted him quite a bit. At the same time as I was pounding ten different kinds of crap out of Growly man Nick was scrambling to help, although I’m sure his effort was more trying to stop the guy from moving as opposed to my move to stop him doing everything. Both our efforts would have been made easier if we’d been able to use our hands.

Matthew didn’t come to our rescue immediately he actually checked on Indonesian man first. When he found the guy out cold and no immediate threat he left him laying on the ground and made his way up into the comms tower to help us.

Not that I could see much even if I wanted to but when Matthew poked his head up into the comms tower and asked if we were ok I was still pounding Growly man with my feet and Nick was kneeling on his stomach holding him down. I guess maybe I wasn’t in the best frames of mind because I really did not care if I was doing any damage to Growly man or not, my feet thumping was pure rage brought on by his own treatment of me.

Growly man groaned, cried and begged me to stop but even when Matthew shone his torch directly at me, making my eyes close automatically against the assault of light I didn’t stop kicking. Not even when Matthew climbed into the tower and began to pull me away I still kept kicking, but I did have to stop when Matthew pulled me to my feet and got me far enough away that I couldn’t reach.

Matthew’s torch was bright enough to flood the tower in a glow bright enough for us to see what we were doing. It was also bright enough to sting someone’s eyes when shone directly at them but he would pay for that later. As Matthew untied my hands Nick kept Growly man down, then when my hands were free Matthew set about untying Nick’ hands.

There was congratulations, praise and comments of thanks as the two boys then began to secure the hands of Growly man, while they did that I stood back against the low wall of the tower and watched rubbing the side of my face without thinking about it.

Five minutes later we had Growly man secured to the bullbar of Nick’s cop truck. Indonesian man tied next to him and the other man who wasn’t in very good shape after I introduced him to the steel bullbar again out of it and in some far away land. If I had been a nicer person I might have been worried that he had zoned out again but I was running low on care factor for the three men.

It wasn’t until we had them secured, had their weapons cleared and out of their reach in the back of Nick’s cop truck, had our bags and weapons back in our possession and gathered up everything else we needed to, maybe another five minutes later, that we stood back and focused on the explosion that had started our freedom run rolling.

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  1. This is rolling along very nicely, I think.

  2. You got the wrong photo, mate.
    Way to go Matthew! Whew …

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