Danny was let out of hospital the following Friday afternoon, his stay in hospital more to do with his rehabilitation and therapy than it was to do with him needing to be in hospital. Not that he thought about it much while he was laid up in a hospital bed but he was thankful for having the top cover medical insurance that allowed him the extended stay in hospital rather than traipsing back and forth to the hospital each day for rehab.

In the week that had passed Danny’s progression had been good, his knee was stronger and his muscles were responding exactly as the doctors and nurses had hoped. Nothing at all came of Danny’s outburst of anger the previous weekend, he did not apologise to anyone for his behaviour and in turn none of the nurses mentioned it to him. Doctor Jamison escorted Danny to therapy twice, once on the Monday following the incident with the extra weight and once on the Tuesday. Both times he watched Danny do his exercises and followed everything that was happening closely. Danny dared not say anything to Nurse Ange on those days and by Tuesday afternoon she had been replaced by another nurse, a male named Frank who Danny made sure not to step out of line with.

Tracey visited Danny at least twice every day, in the morning before lunch and afternoon before dinner, with the third visit on Wednesday coming after dinner because Danny rang her and told her he needed the spare battery for his laptop computer brought it immediately after he’d finished eating. Throughout the entire week Danny told Tracey no more about the Sunday afternoon incident and any time it even looked like the conversation was headed that way Danny diverted it. At one point during her visit on the Monday afternoon Tracey had asked whether there had been any fall out from the incident, as Danny said it happened, but Danny said no and moved on to a new topic very quickly so Tracey hadn’t pushed.

The one thing Tracey had done was apologise for Danny’s behaviour, she knew she didn’t have to and she knew that if Danny had known she was doing it he would have objected, although she would not have known the true reason for that objection, but she felt it was something that needed to be done. She didn’t make a huge scene of the apology, it was little more than “Danny’s sorry for any trouble he caused,” as she walked out past the nurses station on the Sunday night, but it was something she felt was warranted if Danny had lost his cool, or even if he hadn’t and the nurses were being a little over protective of their work mate.

Whether the apology, as weak as it may have seemed to some, was the reason Danny refused to talk about the incident and more importantly take the issue further when he would have been rightly entitled to do so Tracey wasn’t sure. However there was a small part of her that was thankful to not talk about it by the time they got to Wednesday and the prospect of Danny coming home by the end of the week was becoming realistic.

While Doctor Jamison signed Danny’s release papers and filled out several scripts for him to take to the chemist to be filled before he left he also gave Danny the news he’d been dreading since the night he woke up in the hospital.

“I guess the team doctors will have the final say Danny but I’m sorry to say I have to write on here that it is my recommendation that you don’t race next weekend.”

“What do you mean? I’ve been good at therapy and it’s still a week away.” Danny replied disheartened.

“Danny!” Doctor Jamison started. “I know that you’ll want to be back in the car for Thursday practice, for next weekend’s race, so that is less than a week. I also know that no matter what happens you’ll push yourself to keep at it all weekend. So I’m sorry but I just can’t sign the papers knowing you could hurt yourself or someone else if the worst happens.”

“That’s bullshit!” Danny said louder than he’d meant to.

Tracey shot Danny a look, she too was upset that Danny’s progress wasn’t as good as it could be but she also understood where the doctor was coming from. She thought for a moment about whether she should bring up the incident during therapy and make a point that had that not happened maybe things could have been different. But two things stopped her, firstly Danny had told her the incident had not caused any damage that required extra rehabilitation and the second thing was that nothing she could say would change the doctor’s mind. It was at that moment that the doctor said something Tracey wished he hadn’t

“Look Danny, I understand you are upset. I understand you want to get back to racing and I’m not looking at the situation from anything other than a medical point of view, but that’s my position, I’m a doctor and it’s my job to give you my opinion of what is best for you. That being said yours would not be the first team doctor to overrule a hospital doctor and no matter what I write on this release form your own doctor can overrule it.”

Instantly a smile came to Danny’s face as if he’d been given the lifeline he needed to race the following weekend. Twenty minutes later they were in Tracey’s car headed home and Danny was telling Tracey how much he was looking forward to racing the following week at the Carns Motor circuit.

“Why don’t you wait until Wednesday when you’ve done you physical before you get too excited about racing?” Tracey said without too much thought.

“Because I don’t fucking need to wait. Murray will give me the OK to race if I tell him I’m okay!” Danny grouched back.

Tracey was fairly sure Murray, the team doctor, would not just let Danny race because he said so and she was damn sure the Racing Commission’s doctor, who she didn’t know, wouldn’t let him race even if Murray did, but she said nothing and drove home in peace.

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