I’m not exactly sure what happened for a few minutes after I received a cowards punch across the back of the head which knocked me to the ground then knocked me out. I suppose had I not been KO’d I’d probably have had heaps of words to say about big tough men who can only win a fight when they have strength in numbers and attack from behind, but alas I didn’t get a chance.

Actually just as a side note here, the coward’s punch has been getting a lot of publicity in this country over the last few years as drunken wankers in nightclubs use the same fighting method as Mr Indonesia decided to use on me. Well I’d just like to say that fighting is stupid enough any time, but anyone who seeks to beat another with a punch from behind while the other person is not expecting it is no better than the dried up camel shit we find out of the Tanami Road.

Ok, back to my gang of camel shit.

When I say I’m not sure what happened for the next few minutes after I was knocked out I don’t think anything too untoward happened but some how my hands and feet were tied with rope and I got from the ground in front of Nick’s cop truck up to the communications tower. I came to a fraction of a second after my backside hit the wooden floor of the raised comms tower and my back nudged into the wall. It wasn’t a hard drop, maybe my escort was going gently on me, but it was enough to make a thud as I fell into place.

I didn’t immediately know where I was, partly because the idea of someone carrying me up into the raised comms tower wasn’t a thought that jumped straight into my head. But I did quickly come to terms with things once the shadow of the man who dumped me stepped away and I could see my surrounds.

“Oh Hi Nick!” I said over the sound of shoes on the wooden surface and little else. “Fancy seeing you out here.”

There was only two men in the tower with us, Growly man and the Indonesian man which meant there was still one guy down on the ground, perhaps he was still suffering with a head ache like I had. Matthew was still out there somewhere too, I hoped he’d gone back to the Beast to get help but I also knew him better than that and suspected he was laying in wait to make his move, a move I might have enjoyed more if it came before I was knocked out.

“Are you ok?” Nick asked.

“Well I’ve got a bit of a head ache because some dickhead hit me from behind. Honestly you’d think we were in a city nightclub with the scum that we are getting out here these days. What sort of braveheart hits a person from behind?”

Nick was shaking his head at me, I knew he was telling me not to enrage the men standing around us but honestly I couldn’t think of anything better to do.

“Shut the fuck up bitch!” Growly man said, he then turned to Nick and added. “You better tell your girl friend to shut the fuck up or I’ll tear out her fucking tongue and feed it to you.”

“Smeared in jam?” I asked referencing my earlier comment about feeding Growly man’s balls to his mate smeared in jam.

“You just don’t know when to shut the fuck up do you missy.” Growly man stepped up beside me and slapped me across the face.

My head flicked to the left with the force of the slap, it wasn’t as painful as the punch in the crotch I had received in front of Nick’s truck and the movement was more from shock or surprise than pain, but I still didn’t really want to receive another one of them.

“Dean!” Nick said, “Don’t keep pushing the guy, he’s dangerous and he will hurt you.”

“You better listen to your fucking boy friend sweetheart. Keep your fucking mouth shut and I’ll go easy on you when this is all over.” I looked forward to be ‘gone easy on’ when it was over but just as I was relishing in such a wonderful thought Mr Growly man proved he wasn’t being entirely honesty with me. “Hell, I might even let you get out of this without me fucking you!”

Damn! He had such a way with words, I was sure he was a hit with the women wherever it was he’d come from. But honestly I had learnt my lesson, I didn’t know how serious he was but I figured shutting up was probably my best option.

Shutting up seemed to keep Growly man happy and instead of hitting me again he stood up and went over to his mate who was standing near the ladder and looking down towards either the plane or maybe Nick’s cop truck. There discussion was quieter than any of their other chats had been and there was a few words that were difficult to make out but the gist of what they were talking about was whether they should keep waiting or cutting their loses. It wasn’t as heated as their previous conversation that I had heard from below but I got the sense that both men were coming closer to the idea that they were running out of options. Whoever they were waiting for was extremely late and with one cop and one civilian beating the other party to the airport waiting around was becoming a riskier proposition by the minute.

As the men spoke I looked over at Nick, he was giving me a look. It was one of those looks that meant he was trying to tell me something, I assumed that something was to not talk, which strangely enough would have been easier to communicate should we been able to speak. Instead of talking I inched my butt a little to the left but I quickly realised that shifting closer wasn’t really a good choice because should our captors turn around they might not like the idea of us not being separated.

It was at that moment we heard an explosion, it was a long way off and took all of us by surprise, so much so that our captors didn’t even flinch when both Nick and I stood up too see whatever it was we could see.

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