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Outback Rescue: Gibb Airport p12

I obviously wasn’t counting the seconds but no sooner had my head slammed into the hard dirt runway in front of Nick’s cop truck than I felt blood dribbling out of my nose. It was a warmish trickle running out of my right nostril and down my face towards my ear. As I say I wasn’t taking notice of time but in no time at all the blood seemed to be lapping at my ear lobe which told me it was not just running but running fast.

“Get the fuck up.” The voice was strained and angry and I knew instantly it belonged to Growly man. “Bitch!” The added insult delivered with even more venom than the first few words.

I rolled onto my right shoulder, my face hurt and it was a struggle to move. However my reasons for moving was more so that I could get a better read on the situation than it was because I had been ordered to.

The man who had recently gotten intimate with the bullbar on Nick’s truck was still laying on the ground, presumably he was out cold and I hadn’t killed him, although I didn’t really care much at that particular time. With one man still down that meant the punch in the face I’d received had to have come from the man with the Indonesian accent who I had last heard up in the comms tower, because there was no way Growly man hit me from behind when he had been in front of me bent over holding his groin after I introduced my boot to his balls.

Apart from the fact that having all three men surrounding me meant that Nick was no longer guarded by anyone I couldn’t really see any benefits to my newly learned pieces of information.

I twisted my body and moved up onto my knees, just as I did so I felt a foot punch into my right kidney. I don’t think it was a kick of full force, unless Growly man was a whimp, but I still let out a gasp of air as the kick took the wind out of me. The force of the foot in the kidneys twisted me, I left the ground, not by much but enough and I flip/rolled to my left where I landed on the man laying on the ground. The grunt of the man I landed on meant he wasn’t dead which did make me feel slightly better since I was the one who laid him out but it definitely wasn’t a big relief.

I suddenly had a sore head and a sore nose which was bleeding and several sore ribs which I didn’t think were bleeding and I also had an aching crotch, which I didn’t want to think about, because of laying down man who had punched what he thought was a set of balls. I was angry but I knew I was not in a position to relieve that anger.

“Get the fuck up bitch!” Growly man said.

I decided not to point out that Growly man was repeating himself or that he was the reason I was still on the ground, instead I groaned, strained, twisted and turned until I was able to get up. I tried my best as I did so not to step on the man at my feet…actually no I didn’t, I wasn’t that careful.

Standing upright I wiped my bloody nose but said nothing instead letting Growly man and his mate take the lead. As the man on the ground grunted, groaned and agonised his way into a sitting position against the bullbar he’d tried to bend with his head I was suddenly bathed in light. It was only torch light, although it was one of those bright LED ones that you really don’t want to look into so it was a bit of assault to the senses after being in the dark so long.

Growly man then began to inspect me as if I was a creature from another planet, actually with the stink of his body odour and his attitude maybe the female gender was alien to him. The torch beam moved up and down my body, from my bleeding face to my feet, then back again. I lifted my hand up to wipe the blood from my top lip, the flow had slowed down but I could still taste the coppery, metallic tang of blood.

“Drop ya fucking arm!” Growly man said as he was joined by the man with the Indonesian accent.

I obeyed and as soon as I did the torch beam lowered to my breasts, it was still harsh on my eyes but at least the main part of the beam was down. My suspicions that Growly man and the female race hadn’t often crossed paths was then confirmed.

“How about them for a set of tits?” Growly man said as he elbowed Indonesian man and moved the bean from left to right. “You ever see such a good set of tits on them little Indo women in your country? I bet not, hey!”

Indo man said nothing but I did hear him laugh, I also heard headbutty man groan something along the lines of. “Save one for me.” I wasn’t quiet sure if he expected me to take one off and give it to him or what he meant but I stayed silent and didn’t ask. Now I thought I’d done a really good job of restraining myself from both verbal and physical response up to that point but things changed very quickly.

Growly man moved his hand towards me, I could see it coming and I knew exactly what he was going to do but I didn’t move. I still didn’t move when he placed his hand over my right breast, however when he squeezed it hard and said, “Before all this is over I’m going to have this tit in my mouth.” I couldn’t help myself.

I lifted both my hands upward and swung them right pushing his arm away from me, the slipping grip he had on my boob was not exactly a pain free experience I can tell you. “Get your hands off me.”

“Or you’ll do what bitch?” Growly man said pulling his arm back and going for me again.

He grabbed my boob again, I shoved him away again and said. “Or I’ll remove your balls and feed them to him,” I lifted my shoulder at Indonesian man, “smeared in jam!”

I think it was at that moment I might have pushed things to far because Growly man got all aggressive and punched me in the stomach. I let out a loud omph of air and bent over. I was then hit in the back of the head and I fell back to the ground I was not long ago laying on.

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  1. I’m not gonna like this one. I read it, but not liking it. : (

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