…six months later.

“Weigh th’ anchor me mateys. Hoist up them sails, jettison th’ deadwood wha’ ought nah be on board fer we be off. We be settin’ sail today!” Called the Good Captain as he headed down to the jetty with the Fair Maiden and Captain Bildgepoole by his side.

It had come to the Good Captain’s attention that there was a strike team of pirate on a southward heading coming down from the northern seas. The word had made it along the land that these pirates carried with them a hull of treasure stolen from everywhere including the most regal and distinguished lady, the Queen herself. They were an evil band of pirates who together with their captain, some bloke named Willy Ladd, who had the strange and weirdly silly moniker of Captain Willy the Young Fella took no prisoners. Not only did they take no prisoners they left no one living when they went on a looting spree.

It was said that Willy the Young Fella and his crew were responsible for no less than four hundred town lootings in the previous three years. It was further said that Willy the Young Fella was personally responsible for killing more than a thousand of his own crew who refused to obey his every order. They sailed under the cover of darkness and they sailed with black sails at midnight but it was not until one man, a wee man who had once been befriended by the Good Captain in an unknown bar and brought back to life with a shower of rum that would black out a sea leviathan that the path of the evil crew was revealed.

The wee man with a taste for rum had fled his home town, the last survivor to take a breath in the confines of his own home before the entire town was burned to the ground. He could not tell the Good Captain where exactly Willy the Young Fella and he crew were, but he could tell them their path and their destination. It was a destination that the Good Captain assured the wee man the crew would not make.

“Lads, we be cruisin’ fer a booty on th’ watery trails that be our deep blue oceans. Thar be an exploiter th’ likes we ‘ave ne’er seen sailin’ them thar oceans. He’s looted from th’ needy, he’s burned towns ‘n he’s cartin’ a booty so large we can nah let ‘im continue his quest.” The Good Captain called as he boarded the Privateer followed by a band of loyal sea going pirates ready for a fight.

On the dock beside the Privateer Captain Bildgepoole boarded the Revenge followed by his own crew of bawdy pirates. Both ships were sea ready and waiting for the order to sail. They were stocked to the gills with both ammunition and food and the crews were never unprepared.

“Fly our flag,” The Good Captain called loudly as the thick mooring ropes that held the Privateer steady against the jetty would unhooked and thrown back to the men waiting to see the ships sail off, the same men who would defend the vacant port and castle in the air should the need arise. “Th’ crew they shall be ours. We shall teach them fear, we shall teach them th’ ways o’ th’ ocean. We shall capture thar leader ‘n hold ‘im ’til th’ end be nigh. Our guns shall fire ’til th’ rotten beggars ship goes down. As she burns we shall force ‘im t’ watch his sinkin’ ship disappear.” There was a roar of the crowd as the crew of both ships, listened to the Good Captain’s words. “We shall offer them no choice. They surrender, or they fight, but thar ain’t return for we shall be sailin’ Under The Jolly Roger!”

The waters were relatively calm as the two ships sailed out of the heads. The clouds were dark but not stormy and they were rolling from the west to the east at a steady pace, which both captains knew meant that on the open waters they would be pushed along briskly but the water would not be overly rough.

Standing at the helm of The Privateer the the Good Captain was thinking about the task ahead of them. He wasn’t in fear of the crew of Willy the Young Fella for he knew is crew, knew what they were capable of and knew that any crew who took down the mighty Leviathan was going to easily take down a crew of such uncaring scoundrels.

Since Leviathan they had trained harder, worked longer and pushed further, they may not have found many a crew willing to take them on, their names may have instilled fear into pirates both near and far but the Good Captain knew they were ready for anything Willy the Young Fella’s crew could throw at them. Their engagements were tough, they could defend their own, they could negotiate any sea, any ocean or any reef. There would be no blood on their hands but they would force the try hard crew of their enemy to their knees.

They would wait until the time was right, wait until the blasted ship was sailing close to shore. If the ship did not do as they wished they would force it there with their guns. They would come through the waves and attack the unsuspecting menace of the sea. Then when they had all fled their ship the crew of the Privateer and the Revenge would board what was left of the enemies ship and take back the booty not belonging to them. With the booty retrieved they would then see that it was spread among the masses in which it was unfairly stolen.

As the ships turned left out of the heads the Good Captain could be heard singing to himself.

“Fly th’ flag ‘n away they’ll veer
We be th’ pirates they will fear
Firin’ cannons, thar ship will burn
Wit’ thar blood th’ sea will churn
Kill th’ cap’n, that ole codger
Sailin’ under th’ Jolly Roger.”

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