For the following three days Danny spent hour after hour laying in bed watching TV and reading books and magazines that Tracey had brought in for him. Several times he’d had visitors from work, including Rick, and they had offered him tablet computers and all manner of things to help him pass the time but after spending most of Sunday night and the early hours of Monday morning awake in pain and trying to kill the time with Candy Crush on his phone electronic gizmos was the last thing he really wanted.

Dave had been in briefly everyday, not just to keep up with Danny and his injury because he was the boss but also as a friend and by day three even Dave was beginning to notice a change. By the afternoon of day three chatter around the water cooler at work was that Danny was slowly getting more frustrated with being couped up in the hospital.

Doctor Jamison had been in every one of the three days and each time he’d told Danny he was pleased with the way the swelling was going down. Each day Danny also begged Doctor Jamison to let him move into rehab but with each beg the doctor came back with a solid no. That was until the end of the third day when he told Danny that light rehab could be started the following day. As Doctor Jamison ran through the list of things the rehabilitation nurse would be doing with him all Danny could think of was how much rehab he’d need so that he could get back on the track. As with all his other diagnoses Doctor Jamison refused to give an exact time frame, which frustrated Danny more.

For those same three days Tracey drifted in and out of the hospital, running errands for her and errands for Danny in the times she wasn’t at the hospital, but spending the majority of the day either in the ward with Danny or not far away if he needed her. Several times he’d rung her as she was headed back to the hospital requesting she return home and get something and on one occasion he even requested she go to the supermarket to get him some potato chips less than thirty seconds after she arrived to see how he was going. Although the backwards and forwards annoyed Tracey a little bit, especially during peak hour traffic, she did it for her husband without question.

“They’re going to start me on rehab tomorrow!” Danny said after Tracey sat down from getting him a refilled jug of water out of the kitchenette down the hallway.

His voice sounded slightly gravelly as if he was mildly upset, but Tracey wasn’t concerned with that, she was wondering why he’d waited until that moment to tell her the news. Had it been when she first arrived and asked how thing were she would not have raised an eye brow but she’d been in the ward since just after dinner at 5:30pm, nearly a full hour, and he’d said nothing, even after she asked.

Tracey decided not to say anything about Danny’s timing instead she chose to respond to just the statement. “Oh that’s great news. The Doctor is obviously happy with the way your knee is looking?”

“Yeah, says it’s good. Told me how they would do rehab, it’s easy at first and moving into more but he still wont give me a time frame to get back on the track.”

“Well I guess that’s fair enough,” Tracey said considerately. “He obviously doesn’t want you pushing it and causing more damage.”

“Yeah but he hasn’t got Dave riding him to get back in the car like I have!”

Tracey had spoken to Dave, both on the phone and in person several times since Danny was admitted. They hadn’t spoken behind Danny’s back or about Danny unjustly it just was conversations related to Danny’s needs and his recovery as any decent boss would do after a work place injury, which was what Danny had suffered.

However unless Dave had been lying to her, and she had no reason to believe he was, not once had he given any indication that he was pushing Danny back into the car. In fact it was the opposite when Tracey had spoken to Dave earlier that day and he’d suggested to her that they would pull the car for the coming race, out of respect for Danny rather than simply race for team points.

Again Tracey chose her path before speaking. “All you can do is tackle rehab at your own pace. If that’s not good enough for Dave, for the doctor, for anyone, then that is their problem, not yours.”

“Yeah I guess so,” Danny said, his line of conversation had been thwarted by the fact that Tracey didn’t give him any ammunition to fight against.

He’d half expected her to make a comment about Doctor Jamison being right and that he should simply do as he was told, especially given that he’d delayed telling her the news so long, but she did not bite and it left him nothing to be grouchy at, which in effect made him grouchy.

“What time is your rehab tomorrow?” Tracey asked after a few minutes of silence.

“I’m in for 9 and a second go at 2:30.” Danny said. “Apparently the afternoon session is only pencilled in, based on how well I cope with the morning session.”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine.”

“I’ll push for the second one anyway!” Danny said, he wasn’t sure if he was still looking for Tracey to disagree with him so he could get angry with her or if he just trying to be positive that his rehab would move ahead quickly.

Tracey knew as well as Danny that what he’d had while not a full knee reconstruction was very close surgical wise because of what the surgeons had to do to repair the damage. But Tracey still refused to engage Danny in any sort of disagreement or argument about things that neither of them could really change.

“Whatever you think you can do, darling!” Tracey replied.

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