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Rigabold: When The Sun Rises

The Dodge Ram was parked facing east and when the sun began to peak its head over the horizon and through the trees Rigabold the percknicketness was awake. He didn’t wake because of the sun he woke because his Tumcuddulan mind told him that five hours sleep after being awake for only fifty nine hours was enough.

There was little hope of him getting anything even remotely close to a Chiko Roll at such an early hour of the day. Even if people in Western Australia understood the importance of a Chicko for breakfast the only option he had close by was the shops near Wave Rock and he’d read on the sign out the front on his way in the previous night that they didn’t open until 8am. In three hours he could be closer to his next destination rather than waiting for a shop to open.

Rigabold climbed out of the driver’s seat and stretched his body. As the muscles woke up and moved for the first time he felt most of them protest and again he cursed the human form. He’d chosen the good looking Helmsworth’s body because it was suppose to be fit and well maintained but after sleeping behind the wheel of his truck Rigabold couldn’t understand how Earth people considered such a body worth having.

Opening the rear door of the dual cab Rigabold started looking through the fridge on his back seat for something suitable for his wake up snack. Usually on Tumcuddula a wake up snack would be something like a Wogglebanket burger which really didn’t have an Earth equivalent and didn’t travel well over the millions of quagnackles he’d travelled to reach Earth.

With no Wogglebanket burger Rigabold chose something else that they had discovered on their many visits to Earth that Earthlings again had never realised the importance of. His choice, like the Chiko Roll, was an Australian invention that revolutionised the food industry, well it should have but because of Earthling’s obsessions with what they claimed were health foods it never reached it’s full potential.

The wonderful foodstuffs that Rigabold chose was a Polly Waffle. A waffle cone filled with marshmallow and covered in chocolate, it satisfied all the important food groups and real needs of a healthy body, but it’s biggest advantage was that because of all the sugar it contained it pretty much lasted forever without spoiling.

The biggest problem, one that Tumcuddulan’s saw coming and rectified for themselves, was the naivety of humans when it came to real foods that actually helped the body. Instead of focusing on the good foods they focused on stuff they called superfoods and it saw the demise of such wonderful products like the Polly Waffle.

Such naivety was the reason why Rigabold was chasing the recipe for Chiko Rolls, humans had been too silly to see the importance of a Polly Waffle and the powers that be stopped making it, thankfully not before Tumcuddulan’s worked out how to make them. The same thing would eventually happen to the Chiko Roll when the Superfood Nazi’s got their way, but thanks to Rigabold it would not happen to Tumcuddula.

With four Polly Waffle’s in his hand Rigabold closed the lid on his fridge, hit the regenerate button which would see the fridge replenish itself before he opened it next time and climbed back into the front seat of the Dodge.

As he ate his Polly Waffle’s Rigabold read the information on the GPS screen. There was three options open to him when it came to his travelling. Two long routes that would see him on bitumen for pretty much the entire trip and one route with was less than half the distance of the other two but was dirt, gravel rocks and labelled as dry weather only.

He asked the GPS for updated information on the dry weather road given how much time it appeared it would save him. There had been no update since the previous evening when he’d looked however the GPS did give him more information as he requested it.

If he took the shorter road at speed closer to suburban speeds, in some cases slower, he’d have no problems with the dry weather road. It could still take him up to four hours to complete the next leg of his journey but it was a significant time saving compared to the other two options.

Rigabold asked the GPS to show him satellite footage of the sections of the road that might pose a problem to his travels and within seconds the video footage from one of the Tumcuddulan satellites was playing on the screen in the dashboard.

Because there hadn’t been any significant rain the area for more than three months, earth time, Rigabold could see the from the footage that the gravel road while it did pose some risk would not be a big problem to him. There was sections of road that where so deeply water rutted that he might have to slow down to walking pace, and a few washed out areas that would require caution but in general he should be able to negotiate the potholes, dips, rises and blind corners quite safely. His only risk might be if he met a truck on one of the many blind bends but with his advanced GPS system looking out for him all the way he thought the chances of that were low.

With his fourth Polly Waffle down Rigabold wasted no time in starting the Dodge and letting the engine warm up. Once big diesel engine was warm he let the computer do all the safety checks it could do, nuts bolts, screws, pressures everything it could check, the road ahead was going to be rough it was worth making sure nothing would fall off before he started it.

When the checks were finished and the tweaks were made Rigbaold then took off on the short route to his next stop where he knew he’d be able to get some Chiko Rolls.

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  1. very enjoyable serial reading 🙂 thanks for sharing this here. just wondering, how’s the quokka doing so far?

    • Thank you, glad you likes it.

      To be honest I have a strange feeling I forgot about the quokka so I can’t really answer the question 🙂 I might work him into the story later, but it will be a while down the track.

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