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Outback Rescue: Gibb Airport p10

If you remember back to my previous entry you’ll remember that I was standing under the abandon communications tower listening to Growly man and some Indonesian bloke argue about what they were going to do with their plane full of drugs. I’d gotten up to the bit where I was just about to make my move and things suddenly changed.

If you don’t remember all that…I was underneath the abandoned communications tower at the Gibb airport listening to a Growly man and an Indonesian man argue about drugs while they held Nick captive. I was just trying to figure out what to do when at that moment things changed!

Sorry I couldn’t resist. However things really did change and not for the better either.

I was sneaking around the front of Nick’s cop truck, a quiet, stealthy crab walk kind of like what I did to get to the comms tower in the first place. I didn’t have any plan other than taking the man standing beside the truck by surprise, smashing him in the head with the butt of the 30-06 and dropping him like a sack of spuds., hopefully without enough sound to be heard by Growly man or his mate.

I crouched in front of Nick’s truck, holding the bullbar for a bit of support as I peaked around past the headlight. The man I was about to ambush was still sanding level with the rear wheels which gave me about three metres of distance that I had to make up without him seeing me. The biggest problem was that he was side on to me, which I suppose is better than front on, but not quite as good as rear on.

I don’t think I made a noise that alerted him to my presence but almost immediately after I pulled myself back behind the front of the car I heard his footsteps on the sandy runway surface and they were coming towards me. Now as I said there was only about three metres between us but instead of me advancing on him suddenly the role was reversed and I had to think quick.

In a mater of seconds I’d gone from being the hunter to the hunted, well that’s not quite true because the man I was after still didn’t know I was there, he was only reacting to a noise he thought he heard, so I still had something going for me. The second or two it took him to take only three of the five steps he needed to get from his spot to my spot felt like forever.

Whatever I was going to do didn’t come to me until those last two footsteps were taken. I guess I could have stabbed the guy in the leg, smashed his knee cap with the butt of the gun or simply tripped him over. But any of those could have seen the man scream and even with the yelling match up in the comms tower still going I really didn’t want to risk that.

So what did I do? Well it may have been one of the most foolish moves I have ever made but I didn’t have time to think like that, I just went for it.

I stood up quickly and with my 30-06 in both hands I lifted it over my shoulder and slammed the butt of the gun with as much force as I could muster fair into the man’s face. Had the guy been a few centimetres shorter or taller that result could have been different but somehow, maybe luck, my guesstimate of his heigh was perfect.

The thud of the rifle slamming into his head was dull and the reverberation back through the rifle and into my arms was something I wasn’t quite ready for and I was thankful the man started to go down. The hit was good and the hit was solid but apparently the man I hit had a thicker head than most people because I didn’t knock him out, I only stunned him.

We’d changed position, he was crouched and I was standing and almost immediately I regretted that. The guy slammed his fist upward obviously hoping to connect fist with testicles, which as I’m sure you’ve guess after all this time I don’t possess. I’m not sure who got the biggest shock, the man expecting to feel a set of balls squished under his knuckles of me being punch in the crotch. I’d never been punched in the crotch before but I tell you it’s not only a shock when it happens it fucking hurts and it was all I could do to stop for screaming.

I immediately lashed out and lifted my foot in the air. Again it was a lucky shot but my boot collected the guy below the chin and sent him rocketing backwards. He hit the ground on his back but my foot was barely on the ground before he was back again and before I knew it I had a fist fight on my hands.

The first fist flying was his and it had considerable force behind it, I’m sure the only reason I didn’t go down was because it glanced my chin and didn’t hit me cleanly. He followed it up with another quick jab which hit my throat, it couldn’t have been has hard as the first but it still felt hard. I’m not really a fist fighter but I knew I had to do something so I threw my first punch at the man’s guts, I got a clean hit but not enough force.

I knew I wasn’t going to get the upper hand by force, at least not immediately, I had to out think the guy so without anything substantial to hit him with I decided to repay the favour he had hoped to deliver to me and has he stood up I slammed my foot into his balls. When he buckled over I grabbed him in the head lock, moved to my right several steps and then slammed his head into the upright steel support of Nick’s bullbar.

There was a loud and very satisfying thud as the man’s skull connected with solid steel. It was the most satisfying thud I have ever heard but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to enjoy it because no sooner had the unconscious man fallen to the ground than I felt a hand on my left shoulder. That hand twisted me to the left and it was followed by another fist slamming into the side of my head right between my ear and my eye.

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  1. Hey : ) long time no speak, haha! i was wonderin whether you could help me out with something. I am struggling to organise my posts. For instance: archive or, Haiku’s in one catagory, poems in a gatagory, u know, sumthin like that. I’m really struggling, how do I do that?

    • Hullo 🙂
      I think what your asking is how to make a menu item for each category then have the applicable post put in each category.
      It might be slightly different on some sites but if you click on Customize in the “My Site” menu it should take you to the screen to edit the theme. One of the options is “Menu” From there you can create or edit the menu of the site. You’ll have to play around because each site is different but you can add a new “category” to the menu and from then on whenever you use the same category tag it automatically adds that post to the menu applicable menu. i.e. choose the category, haiku and category tag each haiku post with the category tag haiku and the post appears in the latest posts and in the menu category of haiku.

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