“I’m a what?” Rigabold asked.

He was standing at the Wave Rock Tourist attraction in Western Australia, it was late in the evening, dark and he’d been approached by four other tourists, one of which, who he’d nicknamed Megamouth, had just insulted him. Well at least he thought it was supposed to be an insult but it was such an odd insult he wasn’t entirely sure.

As a part of his studies before coming to Earth one of the things Rigabold learnt about was insults and put downs, words that Earth people used to put themselves on a higher pedestal than the person they were insulting. He knew that there was insults that were used worldwide, insults that changed meanings depending on where they were used and insults that were only used in certain countries or regions.

However banana peel was not one he’d come across. Of course he knew what a banana peel was, but being called one was completely new to him and something he figured he better get more information on so that he could update the Tumcuddulan libraries.

“A banana peel.” Megamouth said. “A fruit cake. A loony. A fucking whacko man. You know what I mean. You’re off this planet.”

Rigabold couldn’t resist he had to react to the last part of the loud mouth’s comment. “Not at the moment I’m not.”

Unsurprising to Rigabold, Megamouth didn’t get his ‘off planet’ joke and while his three friends probably couldn’t see the confused look on his face in the darkness, Rigabold definitely saw it.

“Ok, whatever you say man.” Megamouth replied, then shone his torch directly into Rigabold’s face. Rigabold’s eyes didn’t flinch or shut at the sudden change in light as a human’s would but again it went unnoticed. “I can’t make up my mind whether you know you’re spinning shit and hoping to convince us of your stupid story or whether you actually believe your own shit.” There was a brief pause that Rigabold didn’t feel the need to fill, however Megamouth didn’t feel the same need. “I’m actually thinking you believe your own crap.”

Rigbaold thought for a second before he replied with. “Do you mean to tell me you don’t believe my story?” The look on Megamouth’s face told Rigbaold what he needed to know. “Why on Earth wouldn’t you believe me? Am I not a believable person?”

Rigabold knew where the conversation was headed, he knew that Megamouth was getting irritated with him, and he knew that because the guy had lost the control of the situation his next move was going to be to take himself out of the situation. So when that exact thing happened Rigabold was not surprised in the least.

“Let’s get out of here before we too get high off whatever this whacko is smoking!” Megamouth said to his friends. And with those few words and no response from the other three people all four of them disappeared into the darkness waving their torches and laughing.

Rigabold smiled at a job well done!

With the interlopers departed, probably to go and find someone else to annoy with the Megamouth and his amazingly witty put downs Rigabold was free to look at Wave Rock by himself.

They, the Tumcuddulan’s, had learnt a lot in the hundred million years, give or take a few million, since Zigaroy had landed on Earth. The Zigaroy experiment was one that was still talked about and studied, even after such a long time and many thousands of Earth visits. The results of the experiment were so valuable to Tumcuddulan’s that new planet exploration, in any one of more than a thousand different galaxies, always took into account what happened on Earth that formed Wave Rock.

Zigaroy wasn’t hurt, even back in those times Tumcuddulan’s travelling craft were capable of surviving an impact far greater than the one that formed Wave Rock, so therefore the reminiscing that Rigabold was partaking in was not sombre, more just a reflective moment that changed history. The funny thing was it changed history so much for both Tumcuddulan’s and Earth, but after a hundred million years the Earth dwellers still had not figured out just how much it changed things.

Rigabold stood in front of the large wave formation rock and thought about what they, as a race, had learnt and how important what happened was to him and his fellow Tumcuddulan’s. He could still hear the voice of Megamouth occasionally float through the trees so he knew the foursome weren’t that far away but while they kept their distance he was fine with it.

There was no point, to Rigabold at least, in reaching out and touching the rock formation, no point in sitting under it and preforming any sort of ritual, there wasn’t even a point in saying what some Earthlings called prayers. For Rigabold the spiritual side of remembrance didn’t require touch, feel or even a speech, silent thought was more than enough.

With his reflections over Rigabold made his way back to the Dodge, he was thankful to see the Dodge was still the only vehicle in the car park. The second he climbed into the driver’s seat the GPS came to life, welcoming him to the car and giving him the options available to him for the next leg of his journey.

It had been nearly three earth days since he’d slept and he could still easily go another day or two without issue but road ahead of him was not for the faint hearted. According to the GPS the road was a ‘dry weather’ road only, and even then it was the sort of road that needed due care and attention. It wasn’t a long road, by outback standards but it was all gravel, littered with pot holes, blind turns, washouts and heavy bush either side. It as the kind of road that even Rigabold’s all knowing GPS unit suggested would be better travelled in daylight hours.

Taking heed of the GPS Rigabold closed his eyes and still in the sitting position behind the steering wheel he feel asleep.

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