“You’ve had more than enough fucking chances, Pig!” Growly man with his articulate way of speaking was standing above me yelling at Nick who seemingly hadn’t answered his questions in some time. “Give me one good fucking reason why I should fucken shoot you where you sit?”

The voice filtered down to me, I didn’t know the state Nick was in but at least I knew he was alive and presumably able to talk since Growly man was asking questions. Strangely enough the fact that those questions were about me and the call Nick made to me didn’t have me immediately filling with joy.

“You’ve had me tied here most of the day, and haven’t shot me. As if I think you’re going to do that now. You’ve got something else in mind and it requires me breathing.”

Well the good thing was that Nick’s voice sounded normal, There was a slight hint of anger and maybe a touch of fear but there was no slurs, not grunts and there didn’t appear to be any pain. I had to take that as a good thing.

“Yes little piggie, I want you fucking tender and juicy for the fucking spit roast I’m going to put you on. Now fucking tell me who Dean is. Now!” It was growly man again, this time he was proving he could multi-task because I could hear footsteps which meant he was walking and talking at the same time. Maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew!

I heard a that unmistakable thump of a person being hit, followed by the just as unmistakable noise of a person grunting after being hit. I figured it wasn’t growly man hitting himself.

“Just kill him and be done with it. We’ll take the plane and be gone, figure out what to do with the stuff later. We can still get out of here.” The voice belonged to the man with the Indonesian accent, he was obviously more keen to leave than growly man

“Fuck that. Tony and Frank will be here, I know they will, but if this little piggies fucking friends get here first he’s our bait to get out here. Once the shit is on the truck you can do what the fuck you like with the plane.” There was a brief silence then growly man spoke again. “Now, who the fuck is Dean, Piggy Pig?”

“She’s my girlfriend.” I heard Nick say.

“Well done!” I thought as I heard what Nick said, not because he called me his girlfriend but because suggesting that he called a female could work in our favour. Kind of like when people call for a rescue and get a surprise when I get out of the Beast.

“Then what the fuck does Seven O One mean?” Growly man growled.

“It’s the time I want her to wake me up in the morning.”

“Fucking smartarse!” Those two growly words were followed by another thump which I knew was the sound of someone being hit again.

Hearing Nick being hit again I knew I had to do something, I couldn’t just stand by and let him continually get hit and I figured growly man was not going to give up and just leave Nick alone.

I had to think of something, I had to stop these idiots before Nick was hurt more than my brain was telling me he was. Thoughts of Nick’s colleagues from Fitzroy Crossing arriving were also gone from my mind, the only thoughts were saving Nick.

First and foremost I had to do something with the guy standing beside Nick’s cop truck. I was fairly sure if I could take him by surprise I could knock him down but I also had to subdue him because outside of the movies a smack across the head didn’t always mean someone was knocked out until it was convenient for you. I also figured that I couldn’t just knock him out and drag him into the bush somewhere for the same reason. No! I really needed a way to take him out and ensure he would not interfere with whatever my next move was.

I suddenly wished I could throw my voice thirty metres or so and make a weird noise that tweaked the interest of the guy beside the cop truck. However like I’ve already suggested outside of the movie theatres throwing your voice doesn’t really work that way and people are rarely confused enough to get the upper hand on them.

Even if growly man and his friends had been through Nick’s cop truck looking for weapons I was fairly certain I could find rope, string, maybe even cuffs somewhere in the thing that I could use to secure the man by himself. However the problem with that, and again it’s one you don’t see on TV or in the movies is that vehicles have interior lights and most people who own vehicles tend to leave this lights turned on so that when the door opens the light comes on. I’m definitely not one of those people, I hate the bright light assaulting my eyes in the dark and I only ever use the interior lights in the Beast when I switch them on, not when the door opens. Nick however didn’t have the same ideas as me and he always had the interior light in his cop truck set to come on with the door opening.

Growly man and the Indonesian sounding man went back to arguing about what they were going to do. It seemed like it was an overdue argument given how long I knew Nick had been out on this job, even if he hadn’t been captured for the whole time, but they were having it and they were getting louder as the argument went on.

It was that moment things changed!

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