“Argh grr, blgh hgg,” Danny said from his hospital bed.

It wasn’t like the movies where a person woke from anaesthetic or an induced coma and they immediately started kissing the person before them, or where they woke up cursing, or even when they woke up ready to have an in depth conversation about what happened. No Danny and Tracey were in a real life situation where real drama and emotions played out without a time sensitive script. Danny was simply waking up as most people did having not that long ago been under some pretty heavy drugs while doctors operated on him.

“Hi darling!” Tracey said standing up from the chair next to the bed and moving into his range of sight. “You don’t need to talk. Everything is ok. The doctors fixed everything.”

Speaking in short and direct sentences was something Tracey had learnt from previous experience with Danny coming out of anaesthetic. Even when he got his wisdom teeth pulled out twelve months after they first start going out with each other and the anaesthetic was only a mild one Danny came back to the land of the living fairly painfully and struggled for nearly an hour as the effects of the drugs wore off. Since his dentistry doping the few times Danny had been put under the results had varied but the one thing that remained constant is that he woke in pain and struggling because he was just one of those people who handled anaesthetic badly.

However, while Danny knew all that it didn’t change what he did each time he’d come out of a drug induced sleep.

“Wha..t..argh..” Several indecipherable words followed as Danny tried to speak despite knowing that he couldn’t.

“It’s ok Danny. You don’t have to speak. Would you like some water?”

Danny nodded his head. Tracey gripped the plastic cup which sat on the cold looking steel table with the lockable top drawer that held the drugs in it, the same table that sat on wheels next to Danny’s bed agonisingly out of reach for the person in the bed who more often than not was the one that needed it. In her right hand Tracey picked up the water jug and poured a small amount of water into the cup, she then put the jug down and placed a straw into the cup. She’s specifically asked the nurse for a straw when they asked if she needed anything because she knew it was going to be the easiest and best way to get Danny to drink some water when he woke.

Tracey leant over the bed and moved the cup as close to Danny’s face as it needed to be then angled the straw into his mouth.

“Just a little bit, you can have more in a minute or so.” Tracey said quietly as she pulled the straw out of Danny’s mouth and replaced the cup on the counter.

Once again she knew that Danny would want more but having been through such things she knew moderation was better than having him drink too much. When the cup was on the counter Tracey picked up the remote which lay on the bed next too Danny, the one connected to the wall with a thick cable and controlled both the bed and the TV. She pushed the call button for the nurse then laid the remote back on the bed and waited.

“The nurse will be here soon.” Tracey said.

Whether or not Danny needed the attention of the nurse wasn’t Tracey’s call it was a request made by the doctor not long after they wheeled Danny back into the private ward and transferred him from the operating room gurney onto the ward gurney.

A minute and a half later the nurse walked into the room pushing the swinging door in front of her.

“He’s awake.” Tracey said to the nurse.

“Great!” the nurse said and stepped up to the bed.

For the next few minutes the nurse looked at Danny’s chart, checked his blood pressure, checked all the other things she needed to and made all the notes that were required in Danny’s chart. Her conversation with Danny was brief and each question asked was to the point and only required yes or no answers. Although Danny’s symptoms were a common thing amongst people coming out of anaesthetic Tracey had made sure to tell the doctor and nurse about it before they had left the room and the nurse, whose name Tracey hadn’t caught, had remembered it.

“Doctor Jamison will be along soon to talk to you about the operation and how things went in surgery.” The nurse said to both Danny and Tracey as she replaced her pen back in the clip that hung on the lanyard around her neck.

“Thank you nurse.” Tracey said. Danny nodded.

As the nurse got to the door and opened it she stopped, turned to the bed and said. “Doctor Jamison wont be long and everything looks great, but in the meantime don’t talk for too long and make sure you only take small sips of water and if you need anything else just buzz the desk.”

Again Tracey thanked the nurse but whether she heard or not they didn’t know as the door was swinging shut and the nurse had exited the room.

Doctor Jamison did indeed arrive several minutes later as the nurse had suggested and he came bearing good news. The final diagnosis was that Danny had some smoke inhalation, which was adding to the problems with his throat but like the effects of the drugs that would wear off with time because no permanent damaged had been done thanks to the fire not burning for too long. His concussion was not to be worried about unless he developed headaches or other pains he was at a loss to explain. But none of those things were of Doctor Jamison’s concern, he was able to give Danny the results of his surgery and well being but he was a knee surgeon and his main area of concern was Danny’s knee.

His leg was not serious, they had removed the gear stick and any fragments of it but he’d been lucky in that no arteries were struck and no muscles were damaged, it was also far enough from his knee joint that he’d regain full movement of his leg with time.

“Ho..w lo..lo..ong ‘til I c..c..an ra..ce a..ag.” Danny spluttered the words out of his dry and sore throat.

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