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Rigabold: Heading East

Rigabold the Pernicketness couldn’t get enough Chiko Rolls at his first stop, they only had three warming in the Bae Marie, they also didn’t seem overly keen to be cooking any more just for him. It wasn’t like he wasn’t prepared to pay the cook for his time, he would have been willing to pay the man double or even triple to get exactly what he wanted, because Earth money meant nothing to Rigabold and he could print more of it in the Dodge without any drama. The problem was that the man considered it too close to knock off time to start cooking again.

It was something Tumcuddulan’s had trouble figuring out about Earth people, sure they liked to go home at the end of the day but if a fellow Tumcuddulan needed or wanted a service another Tumcuddulan provided it was done without question. Tumuddulan’s also didn’t get tired at the end of their eighty four hour working day so they didn’t have to contend with the CBF’s (can’t be fucked’s) like humans did, their lives were bettered by helping others better their own.

What that meant for Rigabold was a second stop, however he’d learnt his lesson well and rather than rely on a suburban corner shop for his feed he asked the GPS to find him a road house where the likelihood of travellers and truck drivers gave him a better choice of decent service.

He found what he needed and although he had to wait another forty minutes and make a bit of a detour it was well worth it. The road house he found was not only happy to fulfil his requirement but the staff were pleasant and polite, something the suburban shopkeeper apparently didn’t need to be. As a nicety to the road house operators Rigabold also topped up his diesel tanks, they didn’t really need it and they’d probably never know his reasoning but it was his way of showing his appreciation.

Back on the road before the sun had fully set and Rigabold was headed east towards a place called Wave Rock. Despite it being so far away from pretty much everywhere it was a tourist attraction however he knew he would arrive way too late to see many tourists given that it was a landmark best seen in the daylight hours. He had heard that people often did night tours of the place and that with a full moon and a cloudless sky there was an eerie light around the entire place, but he also knew neither of those things were going to be a issue for him.

While the big Dodge drove itself down the road, Rigabold sat back and ate his Chiko Rolls. The road was quiet and the automatic navigation system worked without any hitch. Just like on the trip down from Halls Creek and through Meekatharra the vehicle was at a constant speed, not too slow to be annoying but slow enough to react safely should there be hazards on the road like animals or other road users.

Eating his Chiko Roll and sipping at his spearmint Moo Juice Riagbold requested information about Wave Rock be presented on the navigation screen so that he could read about where he was headed. It wasn’t that letting the vehicle drive itself was boring, actually yes it was boring and that’s why Rigabold wanted something to read, even if he knew most of it.

Wave Rock was so named because it is shaped like a tall breaking sea wave, it stands about fifteen metres high and about a hundred and ten metres long. It is an impressive formation of rock and seeing it in person it is easy to see why it was a tourist attraction but Rigabold laughed as he read that it was a natural formation of rock.

“Ha ha! Those crazy bloody humans and their whacky scientific theories. Where do they come up with this stuff?” Rigabold said to the empty cabin before sucking down a good gollop of spearmint Moo Juice.

When Rigabold pulled up at Wave Rock there was no other cars in the car park, he considered that a stroke of luck and decided not to waste any time going and having a look at the rock close up. Although it was dark he’d not suffer the same problems humans did because like all Tumcuddulan’s Rigabold eyes worked better in the dark that the human equivalent.

Five minutes after his arrival he could hear other people wandering around, where they had parked their vehicles he wasn’t sure but it also didn’t matter to him, he was only there for one thing and once he’d done that he would again be off.

Standing at one of the big placards which had similar information to what the GPS had told him Rigabold read on quietly.

“Well at least they got the year close!” he said to himself as he read that scientists believed Wave Rock was formed about a hundred million years ago.

Several seconds later torch lights flicked through the trees and Rigabold knew he wouldn’t be alone for much longer.

“Looks great during the day!” one of the men in the small group of five said as he stepped up next to Rigabold. “But it looks bloody magnificent by torch light.”

Rigabold agreed with the comment, as did the man’s friends and although Rigabold did wish that his interlopers would depart and leave him be he was not rude to them. After a few minutes of banter about the rock and it’s age Rigabold could not help himself any more and he figured that telling truth might just be enough for the strangers to think he was strange and leave him alone.

“You know while the time frame is kind of close to correct there is nothing natural about the formation of this rock?”

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  1. Cool…. I Googled the wave and it looks amazing. Neat addition to the story.

  2. CBFs was a new acronym for me, but I think I might need that one in the future. Good educational piece. : )

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