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Had myself a bit of money
Thought I would invest
But not in anything real funny
Thought it would be best

Invest in something serious
That was the thing to do
Not in something mysterious
I thought I had a clue

So I invested in some Bond’s
It would be a money maker
I was hoping there’d be no desponds
I invested first with Moonraker


  1. The sky is the limit.

  2. For your eyes only, darling.

  3. I also love the music in the Bond movies. Beautiful scores in most of them.

  4. Giggle…. you make me smile. Big, Aussie guy like you scared of a bitsy woman…. crazy talk.

  5. You are so funny! And punny! Unique up on me sometimes. : )

  6. Silly Aussie man…. I don’t need a statue for the birds to poop on. I have you to remind me… or poop on me, depending on your mood. No worries….
    Please don’t send my Hugz back, it makes me sad. You can keep them.

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