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Chequered Flag: Emergency

Why Tracey chose the pit entrance end of the straight to watch the race from she wasn’t sure, it was a bit of an unconscious decision but in doing so she was able to witness every part of Danny’s accident. She’d seen everything from Lamborghini running wide on the run up to the chicane where her heart skipped a beat. Then the moment the car stepped out exiting the corner when she let out a little gasp figuring that he’d be able to pull it back. Then when the car kicked sideways and it was clear the car was not going to come back on the race track she let out a scream of shock. But it wasn’t until the car flipped into the air and came crashing down on it’s roof that she let out a face whitening, blood curdling, scream with both hands over her mouth.

That terrified facial expression would later be shared on social media and the websites of both Force Ten Racing and the unofficial rag site of racing competition with less than fair comments attached to it. Comments about crocodile tears, comments about how she didn’t deserve to cry over him, comments about how their marriage breakdown was all her fault and comments about how Tracey didn’t deserve Danny’s second chance. It was mostly hurtful comments, by other females, based on outside opinions that either ignored the facts or didn’t know the facts and was something each and every driver had dealt with. While Brad at Force Ten would remove the comments on their own website the other comments he didn’t have control over would be ignored.

However social media was the least of Tracey’s concerns and the moment Danny’s car came to rest on the fence she was running towards the scene. She only had about forty metres to travel but the crowd of people she had to make her way through slowed her down.

“Excuse me, I need to get through.” her voice was desperate and shaky as she made her way through the crowd. “Please can I get through.”

Several times in her short journey she found people either not listening or not hearing her but she eventually managed to step through in time to see the ambulance crew putting Danny on the gurney.

Having witnessed Danny have accidents before, and the wives and girl friends of other racers who have had accident Tracey knew better than to get too close to the crews and what they were doing. Safety and the well being of the driver or anyone else hurt was paramount to anything else at that time and no matter how much Tracey cared for Danny she knew such protocols were in place for a reason.

A few seconds after she arrived at the front of the crowd, as she was watching the ambulance crew cut Danny’s race suit to insert the IV drip, one of the official track marshals recognised her. She didn’t know his name but when he stepped up to her and invited her through the barrier she accepted his invitation.

Even when she was inside the barrier Tracey still stood back and let the crews who were trained for such situations do what they needed to do. Seeing Danny unmoving while the crews moved him onto the gurney was a shock and something that she hadn’t seen in his previous accidents, but she still knew well enough to keep clear of those doing their job.

“Come around here Tracey.” A voice told her and when she didn’t react the man said it again, the second time putting his hand on her back and gently pushing her to her left.

“Huh? Oh. Ok.” said said, her voice still shaky and allowed herself to be led slightly closer to the gurney but still well clear of the crew working on Danny.

It wasn’t until later when the heat of the moment cleared that she realised the person moving her around wasn’t just a track marshal but also one of the Force Ten workshop crew who worked with Rick and spent weekends track marshalling for the smaller track meets. Tracey couldn’t remember his name in the heat of the moment but under other circumstances she would have known his name was Jason.

Tracey stood dead still, partly afraid to move in case her legs didn’t support her, bit also because her concentration was on Danny and what the crews were doing. There was sill tears running down her face but she had stopped screaming.

When the ambulance crews started moving the gurney towards the ambulance Tracey wasn’t surprised, in fact although her face didn’t show it she was some what relieved. There was obvious haste in what the crew was doing but the fact that they were ready to move him was usually a good sign. He was still unmoving on the gurney and his helmet still had not been removed which said that things were still not prefect but there was no cardiac machines and no blood bags either, the lack of both suggesting that things also weren’t as dire as they looked.

“Go Tracey!” Jason called, but like the first time he’d spoken to her she didn’t hear him.

It wasn’t unusual in such circumstances when shock and surrounding noises easily overcame a person and Jason wasn’t offended, he simply walked over to Tracey put his arm around her shoulders lightly and urged her towards the ambulance.

She was about twenty metres away when she felt Jason’s arm around her shoulders. “What?” she asked not really registering what was said or what she said.

“Get in the ambulance Tracey, go with him!” Jason walked her towards the ambulance.

As they got to the ambulance the rear doors were being shut by the last remaining ambulance crew member still to be outside the vehicle.

“This is his wife!’ Jason called when they were still about ten steps away. “She needs to go with him.”

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  1. This was really, really good writing, Mate.

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