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Rigabold: Making New Friends

On the island of Rottnest Rigabold set about looking for a little quokka to play with. Because he knew the rules of the island he also knew that it would be frowned upon if he was to be caught playing with the cute little creature so his first port of call was one conducted in stealth.

So as not to get anyone in trouble for being lax Rigbold vowed he would tell no one how he managed to get a wildlife ranger’s uniform, especially since it took him less than four minutes to get it. Because he was wearing the uniform over the top of his other clothes Rigabold’s internal cooling system had cranked it up a notch or two to make him comfortable in the Western Australian sun.

Several times as Rigabold walked around looking for a cuddly little quokka to pat he heard voices of people around him, but mostly behind him. There was comments about his body looking good, comments about him being hot, which he knew he wasn’t because of his cooling system, he even heard someone refer to him with the wrong first name, a name starting with “C”.

It didn’t take Rigabold long to find himself a quokka, he did have to find himself a bike first but that was easy, there was rental outlets all over the island. Riding a bike was a relatively new experience for Rigabold, he’d done it but they were not something that was needed on Tumcuddula, it was something most of them did long enough to get proficient at it, then they just gave up. There was a bit of a wobble and a weird shake as he took off but once he got over that Rigbaold was riding like an ace, well an ace that had to adhere to a speed limit.

When he found a quokka he got off his bike, leaned it against a tree and went to meet the little fella. Something else Tumcuddulan’s had learnt over their many years and hundreds of visits to earth was how to relax an animal. There was not an animal on Earth, including the human ones, that the Tumcuddulan’s hadn’t figured out. In the quokka’s case it was as simple as mimicking the noise they made, then jumping three times, then letting out what humans called a fart, but not a smelly one. The hardest part for Rigabold was farting, such an act was yet another thing the Tumcuddulan’s had learnt to do better and more efficiently than humans had.

Rigabold stood in the shadows of a large tree patting the quokka. It was a large adult male that he’d managed to find, and it sat comfortably in his arms. The creature was a fraction bigger than a large watermelon and looked a bit like a cross between a kangaroo and a rat, a cute rat of course.

“You can’t do that just because you’re a movie star!”

The voice came from behind Rigabold and it surprised him slightly because he was caught up with admiring the quokka not listening for other annoyances. He turned around and looked at the source of the voice, it belonged to a female. Rigabold looked the woman up and down a few times taking in her details. She was a bit smaller than him, heavier than him but not overly large, she had shoulder length dark brown hair and she looked like a combination of Asian with a bit of Hawaiian or maybe one of those other remote island nations. She wore what Rigabold knew of as fitness gear and was immediately reminded of the song “Active Wear” which Tumcuddulan’s often watched just for the laughs. She also looked grumpy.

“Excuse me?” Rigabold said standing in front of the woman still holding his quokka.

“I said you cant handle…Oh.” it was at that moment Rigabold knew the woman realised her mistake. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise who you were.”

“It’s ok Miss,” Rigabold replied. “An honest mistake I am sure.”

The woman was looking him up and down, almost as if her mind was not believing what her eyes were telling her, but unable to prove them wrong.

“Yes an honest mistake. I didn’t see your badge. I didn’t realise you work here.”

“As I said Miss, an honest mistake.” Rigabold said gently patting the quokka and smiling at the woman.

“I actually thought you were that movie guy. You know the from Australia that makes movies in Hollywood?” Rigabold did not react. “Yeah you know him, you look just like him, well your body does, from the back. You must know him. I can’t be the only one who’s told you.”

Because he was slightly annoyed at having his quiet time with the quokka interrupted Rigabold decided it was time to bring the conversation to an end.

“I’m sorry Miss, I really don’t know what you are talking about. My name is Chris,” Rigabold knew it was unfair to play such a game with the woman but he couldn’t resist. A huge smile came across the woman’s face as her mind kept ticking over but instead of giving her a chance to say anything Rigabold kept speaking. “I’m a wildlife ranger here and I don’t watch that many movies and I have never been on television. I guess you really are mistaken, would you like to pat this little fella?”

The change of topic was a master stroke on Rigabold’s behalf because it took the woman out of her train of thought about who he looked like and gave her something else to focus on. After a few minutes of patting the woman left, still apologising and making silly excuses for her behaviour. Rigabold said nothing and just watched her walk away. He didn’t even say anything when the woman tripped, stumbled regained her footing, turned around to see if he was still watching, tripped again and then regained her feet. She had tripped on nothing and it was quite a funny scene but Rigabold stopped himself from laughing.

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