“What are we going to do?” Matthew said in a low voice

For those that need catching up we were crouched at the end of the Gibb Airport runway in the dark trying to hide from what appeared to be two men in the old communications tower, which I had to assume was also where Nick was. If you need to catch up so much that you don’t remember why all this was happening you’ll need to go back and read it for yourself because my thousands of other followers don’t need that much of a recap.

“Well we haven’t got enough guns to be Rambo, and I don’t have a cowboy hat and boots so Walker Texas Ranger is out too.” Matthew knew me well enough to know I was not being serious and just wasting time until my brain thought of something.

“Maybe you could trying being Rigg’s, go in crazy and scare them into submission. At least Mel was an Aussie!” Matthew replied making his reference to Lethal Weapon.

I was still racking my brains trying to figure out what to do. Obviously waiting for the Fitzroy Crossing police to arrive would have been the option many would have chosen but the fact I couldn’t see Nick yet knew he was still there somewhere, had me telling myself I needed to do something.

As my brain worked I started to point a few things out to Matthew. I realised later that it was as much about letting him know where things were as it was my brain running through the options available.

“See that opening over there?” I pointed to the left of the runway, about fifty metres from where we were. Matthew nodded, we were lucky there was a full moon. “That’s the track back to town. If the shit gets too much, run that way and you’ll find the Beast. If it gets that bad forget about being seen just get the old girl and get out of here.”

“Will you take the same advice?” He asked me, but of course I didn’t answer.

Instead of answering I continued to point things out, there wasn’t much but I managed to find a few things. The clearing at the other end of the runway, that we couldn’t really see, where the Fitzroy Crossing Police would come in via. The red dirt hill that could be an option for cover if we needed it. The row of trees that again could be cover given that it was dark, however we’d still need to be careful and I also pointed out which direction our access to the tower would need to come from.

“One problem we might have,” I said, “is getting access to the tower. Last time I was here there was several steps missing on the ladder up to it. Obviously they’ve gotten around the broken ladder somehow but we wont know how until we get close to it.”

“Is there anything in Nick’s truck that might help us?” Matthew asked.

I liked the way he thought at times of stress, it wasn’t something I had immediately thought of because my mind was using up its time thinking about getting in there without being seen. I thought about the question for a few moments, then replied.

“If they haven’t gone through it there’s a shot gun mounted on the left side of the gear stick, but surely they have found that by now. There is his radio of course, but that’s not much good.” My mouth seemed to be working quicker than my brain. “There’s a knife under the front seat, but again they might have found that if they were looking. There is also a Beretta stashed in the back interior panel, right hand side and probably ten or twenty rounds, in the left panel.” My mouth finally stopped and let my brain catch up. “But none of that is really going to help us unless we can get to it without being seen and that might be difficult given where the truck is parked.”

“Okay well it’s still good to know there are options in case we need them.” Matthew replied and we fell into a natural silence, both thinking about what all that information meant.

I was looking at the two silhouettes in the tower, watching them move but not really able to tell what they were doing when Matthew broke the silence between us.

“Hey look at that,” Then remembering we were in the dark and I could see where he was looking he added. “Behind Nick’s truck.”

I did as Matthew said and looked at the back end of Nick’s truck and immediately saw what he was referring to. A third man has stepped out into the open, he’d obviously been hidden by the truck up to that point. Thinking about it, it made sense to have a person on the ground, they might not have been expecting help to arrive as quick as we did but if they were smart they’d know it was coming at some time. I was suddenly glad that we hadn’t made any rash decisions to storm the tower.

“What’s he doing?” I asked fairly sure that Matthew couldn’t see the man any better than I could but asking anyway.

“Looks like he’s having a piss.” Matthew replied.

I didn’t want to think about water of any kind given our position and the lack of time we had for doing such things as peeing behind a tree.

“Well I’m not stepping in that spot.” I said before quickly changing the subject from water. “You think he’s the only one on the ground?”

“Haven’t seen anyone else yet, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled while you figure out that brilliant plan of yours!” Matthew replied and despite it being dark I could just tell he was smirking.

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