Took my Rottweiler straight to the vet
Because Snugglepie was starting to fret
He’d eat and sleep and then he’d bark
He’d also chase old ladies around the park

Why he was worried I did not know
But to cheer him up I played banjo
My great music did not change his mood
In fact that’s when he started to brood

At the surgery the vet picked up my Snugglepie
And in his arms he did carry my dog inside

In the ward the vet did say, “Now let me have a look.”
Worried for my dog I just stood against the wall and shook

The vet checked his eyes and checked his teeth
The with his ears he heard the dog breath

Then looking glum the vet said with a big frown
“I’m sorry but I’m going to have to put your dog down.”

I could not believe what my ears had just heard
So the vet repeated himself word for bloody word

I pleaded with the vet, I didn’t want to loose my best friend
I begged with the vet, “Surely there is something you can mend.”

“I must put him down,” the vet he did say
I did then notice he was beginning to sway

So many tears flowed I would need a levee
The vet then did say, “He’s too bloody heavy!”