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Rigabold: I Said I Was Leaving

“If you remember correctly I did tell you that I must be leaving.” Rigabold the pernicketness said to Franky.

Franky said nothing, it was hard enough to talk while someone was twisting your arm and you were screaming in pain, but it was even harder to speak when that person had their foot on your throat.

Waveyman moved on the dusty ground and although there was a bit of a moan he didn’t open his eyes or attempt to do anything. Cowpat was out for the count and the only movement from him was his chest rising up and down as he breathed. The only one who was trying to make any sound was Chickenshit.

“Argh, my fucking nose!” he said in a loud and pained voice. “You fucking mother fucker, I’m going to fucking tear you three new arseholes!”

“No you’re not.” Rigabold said. “As I told your friend here I must be leaving, I don’t have time for you four and your games.”

Rigabold had to give Chickenshit some credit the guy was little and mouthy but he was a goer because even with a bloody nose and no doubt a big head ache he was the first to his feet.

“C’mon mother fucker. Let Franky go and me and you can dance.” Chickenshit said.

“I don’t have time for a dance, I have been trying to tell you that.” Rigabold said, “Perhaps you’d like to dance with Franky here.” Rigabold twisted Franky’s arm just a little more throwing another bolt of pain down into his shoulder. Franky let out a scream.

“Don’t worry Franky. I’ll stop him.” Chickenshit uttered over confidently as he stepped toward Rigabold.

Rigabold watched Chickenshit, as the little man with the loud voice took the few shuffled steps closer he lifted his hand and clenched his first.

“Don’t do this Chickenshit.” Rigabold’s words were stern but not loud.

“What did you call me arseface?” As he spoke Chickenshit swung his right fist at Rigabold.

Rigabold lifted his left hand and before Chickenshit’s fist had a chance to hit him he grabbed the little man by the throat and pushed him back to arms length. Chickenshit’s fist hit Rigabold left arm but had very little strength in it.

Holding the little man by the throat at arm’s length Rigabold looked at him and spoke. “Since you were not polite enough to introduce yourself I decided to name you all myself and you got the name Chickenshit. I thought it suited you because of the way you hid behind Franky when this all started but now I think Stupidshit suits you better because you just don’t know when to quit.”

Even as Rigabold spoke the last few words Stupidshit, aka Chickenshit, was trying to kick Rigabold but his legs like his arms were just not long enough to hit their target. Stupidshit twisted in Rigabold’s grip but the pain of fingers tightening around his throat was too much and even he was able to work out that relaxing was his only option, however relaxing didn’t stop his mouth from working.

“You are a dead man!”

Rigabold tightened his grip on Stupidshit’s neck to stop him talking. At the same time he loosened his grip on Franky’s fist and untwisted the guy’s arm. “Get up!” he said to Franky.

Franky twisted and turned painfully as he obeyed Rigabold’s order and got to his feet. Once standing Rigabold held him at arm’s length by the closed fist. Although Franky said nothing Stupidshit still could not help himself and mouthed off with something about how it was two against one and Rigabold was ‘in for it.’

“Shut up little man!” Rigabold said to Stupidshit and without waiting for an answer he turned to Franky, who was rubbing his reddened neck and said. “I’m going to ignore him and speak directly to you because I believe the two of us can come to some sort of agreeable arrangement. Do you also think that?”

Franky nodded, Stupidshit argued and Rigabold flexed his fingers on Stuipdshit’s neck to remind him not speak.

Franky did speak however. “Settle down Simon,” apparently Stupidshit did have a name and rather apt a name that in Tummcuddulan meant animal manure. “Let me handle this.”

“Listen to your leader Chickenshit.” Rigabold said before turning back to Franky. “Now as I have told you I don’t have time to play games with you and your friends. I need to be getting back on the road. Now I plan to let you and your friends go without further harm if you allow me to do that. Do you think you can allow such a thing?”

“Don’t agree to…” Chickenshit started before being stopped.

“Yes I agree.” Franky said without any emotion.

“You are not just agreeing to what I say so that I let you go and you can try to attack me are you?” Rigabold asked. Frank shook his head, he was still clearly in pain and his response was genuine. “Alright, well I’m going to let you go and you are going to step away from me. You are going to let me get in my ute and drive away without any trouble and I’m not going to make things worse for you. Does that sound like something we can all get along with?”

“Yes.” Franky said, then looked directly at Chickenshit to make sure he added nothing else to the conversation.

“Thank you, I am going to take you at your word and let you go. Your friends will be ok once they wake up.”

Rigabold let go of the two men and walked the few steps back to his Dodge. Although Chickenshit did make a lunge at Rigabold he was stopped by Franky who dragged him clear and made sure that Rigabold saw there was no threat.

Several minutes later Rigabold was back on the highway and headed in a rough westerly direction.

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  1. Nicely written. Good for Rigabold.

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